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AFL Fantasy Classic 2021 Runner-Up, Kyle Holmes joins the PODPOD

Two-time AFL Fantasy Classic top 10 finisher, and all-around fantasy gun, Kyle Holmes, has officially joined the PODPOD!


Last year’s AFL Fantasy Classic runner-up and two-time top 10 finisher, Kyle Holmes has officially joined the Point of Difference AFL Fantasy Podcast (PODPOD) for weekly in-season podcasts in 2022!

Joining fellow two-time AFL Fantasy Classic hat-winner, The Statesman on the show, as well as POPDOD regulars, Dos and Lewy, Kyle is looking forward to providing insights that he believes might not just benefit the listeners.

“I can’t wait to share some of my top fantasy tips and trade advice with the PODPOD family in 2022,” Kyle said.

“The goal is for everyone to improve this season, and that extends to each of my new co-hosts!”

“I can’t wait to share some of my top fantasy tips and trade advice with the PODPOD family in 2022.” – Kyle Holmes

After finishing 9th in 2018, Kyle had a couple of lean years for his high standards in 2019 and 2020, before almost claiming the ultimate prize in 2021.

Kyle is particularly keen to help one PODPOD member, believing it’s time for The Statesman – who finished 3rd overall in 2018 – to return to his former glory.

“I’ve had to scroll a fair way down on the ranks the last few years to see Statesman’s team, and to be honest, I’m starting to wonder whether the fossil is losing touch,” he said.

“I actually think that’s why they’ve brought me on board… to bring some credibility back to the PODPOD!”

Kyle brings two more AFL Fantasy hats to the PODPOD in 2022 – both featuring single digits!

Since winning his second hat and pocketing a cool $10k for his runner-up finish, Kyle has been busy working on a new free fantasy resource for AFL Fantasy coaches, ‘The Fantasy Community’ Discord server.

Co-created by Kyle and his mate, Zac, the discord server provides an innovative platform for like-minded AFL Fantasy coaches to share their knowledge in a friendly environment outside of traditional social media channels.

With more than 680 members and growing, Kyle has been hosting regular AMAs (Ask me Anything’s) this pre-season, with guests including Selby Lee-Steere (Moreira’s Magic), Warnie, and Jon Harmey.

Kyle’s natural instincts behind the microphone, combined with his extensive fantasy knowledge, and CREDIBILITY – make him a perfect fit for the PODPOD in 2022.

The PODPOD is available in-season to silver and gold members of The Keeper League – with advanced centre bounce attendances (CBAs), kick-in numbers, state league and draftee fantasy scores, and plenty more included along with the weekly podcast.

Welcome Kyle to the PODPOD family by giving him a follow on Twitter, @Holmesyheroes – and be sure to sign up as a member of The Keeper League for season 2022!


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