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AFL Fantasy Projections – Round 20, 2021

Our Round 20 projections have been uploaded for members of The Keeper League Podcast!

The projections take into account recent season form, recent form against the upcoming opponent, scoring history at the venue, and scoring history against their opponent to give you a projected score each week.

Our projections now also factor in opponent difficulty.

They will also tell you the ownership percentage from Ultimate Footy to help you find good waiver pick-ups and streamers for your teams.

Top 20 Projections for Round 20

Marcus BontempelliCWBAD114.483123107.3112.2181112.1129100
Touk MillerCGCME8486.3127130.7129114122.112399
Jack MacraeCWBAD100.2121.7138109106.495117.112299
Reilly O'BrienRADWB141010186.78814184.312199
Bailey SmithCWBAD12271.3125110104.215687.212197
Jack SteeleCSKCA11899.4106131132.8138118.411899
Clayton OliverCMEGC118.7102.8126116.7109.4104109.911699
Tom MitchellCHWBL123.2123.5112124.3124102113.1116100
Jarryd LyonsCBLHW87.692.5136107.7109.4122113.8115100
Christian PetraccaCMEGC79.185.2126123123.6111111.2114100
Josh DunkleyC,FWBAD83.31010111.3110.486110.911299
Taylor AdamsCCWWC107.198.7101107109.212698.811199
Rory LairdB,CADWB80.994142126.7122.684111.511199
Jack CrispB,CCWWC94.388.7141109.3107.4124102.411099
Brodie GrundyRCWWC97.4100.998104.7106.2120109.6106100
Andrew GaffCWCCW98.597.7113103.791.213198.110699
Luke ParkerCSYES100.887.4110107.7106.212699.510699
Brayden FioriniCGCME65.792.1142121.31074810710592
Callum MillsB,CSYES81.383.20114.3110.488109.410499
Lachie HunterC,FWBAD79.6105.510087.784.212487.110399

OpAvg – Average against opposition
VenAvg – Average at venue
LVsOp – Last score versus opposition
LR – Score from last round
L3RAv – Average from last 3 rounds
L5RAv – Average from last 5 rounds
Avg – Average
Proj – Projected score

Projections for all players will be released weekly to members throughout the 2021 AFL season.

Sign up here to gain access.

Members can view the projections here.

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