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Ask Kaes (Second Edition)

A new year always brings about new thoughts, new questions and of course a new edition of Ask Kaes!

I put a shout out for fantasy questions on my Twitter account and hopefully I can help some of our great listeners!

Jade Greshold

What do you do with Jade Gresham in a keeper?”


You keep him. I would be absolutely shocked if Gresh didn’t pick up forward DPP early in 2021. He’s simply not getting a look in that Saints midfield this season with Crouch, Steele, Ross, Jones and Hannebery. 

While he may actually be a better mid than those guys above, the fact is he’s such a good forward and all of the above players simply are not. Therefore the Saints have to play him on a HFF. 

While that means he may not score as big as you once hoped, you’re still at some stage going to get a 75-85 averaging forward which in 2021 is massive, especially considering the lack of depth in this area.

Amon to the Pool

Can K.Amon keep up his 2020 form in 2021 or does his role change up somewhat?


Look Karl can probably maintain his 65 (81BCV) average from 2020 but if he’s a midfield keeper with that average, is he really a keeper? 

While I think he’s a mainstay in their side, he’s just going to keep getting overtaken by your Butters, Duursmas and Rozee types. 

He may be your last keeper in a 15-20 keeper size squad but for me he’s one who is just as likely to be waiting there for you in the first or second round of the draft to top up your list.

Three to Go

“Drop 3 out of Bailey bulldog, LDU, Gresh, Lambert, dyl Stephens, Lycett, McEvoy (already keeping Draper in one ruck league with utility), b Ellis, Amon, J Graham. Keep 20 and I’m about mid pack so wanting to build the list while giving myself a chance. Not worried about positions


A lot to get through here but I’ll try and keep it simple.

Definite Keep

B.Williams, Gresham, B.Ellis, Lycett, D. Stephens

Definite Drop

McEvoy (hate his inconsistency and Lycett is a much safer option with more trade currency)

Decide Between

LDU – Started to show something and he’s a risky delist as he has the potential which could make you pay in the long run.

Lambert – 29yo, coming off an average 2020.

Amon – Mid pack mid, likely to be able to pick him up in the draft for not too much. 

Graham – not yet delivered on early promise, possible to get cheap in draft but has some more upside than an Amon.

Depends how invested you are in the four guys above. I’d lean to delisting Lambert (based on age) and Amon (younger kids gone past him) along with McEvoy.

Can Hee? Yes Hee Can!

Can Heeney go over 90?(ave)


It’s not even a question. 

Heeney WILL average 90+ this year.

He averaged 90+ in 2017-2019 and hit 90+(BCV) in 2 of his 6 games in 2020. 

Don’t let his injury allow you to forget just how good he is. He’s coming into his footballing prime now too.

Scott a Spot in the Best 22

“What are you expecting from Bailey Scott next season? Does the addition of Stephenson impact on him?”


Firstly, the addition of Stephenson does not hurt anyone at the Roos. That would imply there were positions or points to take from any North player. That is simply not true! 

Scott was a decent junior scorer but apart from his debut 97 and his 76 (95BCV) last year we really haven’t seen a lot. 

Look, he’s going into his magical third year, there are spots up for grabs all over the ground in North’s side – so it’s really up to Scott if he wants to dominate or not. 

He’s one, along with LDU, Phillips and Powell who are the guys who could really cement their spot in the North midfield this year and guys I’m keen to look at more. 

If he does what we know he can, I’d be expecting somewhere around that 70-75 mark, which is more than solid enough for a third year player with forward DPP.

Tim the Swing Man

Where does Tim English rate, and do you think stef Martin will help or hinder him?


I have always been firmly in the camp where I don’t see Stef Martin hurting English at all. I may have even started the camp.

Put it simply, English doesn’t actually score a lot of points from hitouts. For example, in 2020: 

36% of Grundy’s points were hitouts. 32% of Gawn’s points were hitouts, while only 22% of English’s points were hitouts.

It’s English’s work around the ground which is key. I see Stef playing that traditional centre square ruck role, who will just go and float forward.

English will then just cover the ground and almost play as a really old school ruck-rover. His intercept marking is also a highlight of his game and one where he scores a lot of points.

Sure, not being in the centre square may hurt from time to time as he’s not around the footy as much at the start but it’s not something that worries me at all. Plenty of upside still.

Pray for Patty

“Does Lipinski have a fantasy scoring relevant future? 


I really bloody hope so. He’s one of my favorites but the midfield squeeze at the Kennel is as real as ever! 

He’s easily classy enough to be in the Dogs B22 but where does he line up is the real question. 

As a mid only to start 2021, there will be a lot of coaches with a massive headache (Thanks Bevo). 

I think you have to keep him. He’s too good a player (both real and fantasy) not to be in your side. If you’re playing the long game, maybe he’s one you just have to sacrifice this year for in the hope he finds his way to another club in 2022 or that a couple dogs move on.

Two Kids on the Up

How far do you see Hately and Cerra progressing this year? Can they average more than 95?”


Looking back on their 2020 numbers, Cerra got to around an 82 BCV average, while Hately managed 72 BCV. 

I think the change of scenery and opportunity for Hately at the Crows will be incredibly positive for his scoring and he should see a nice 10 point or so bump in his average.

Cerra is now one of the main players in the Dockers side and should also see some improvement but I can’t see either getting to 95+. 

Over the last couple seasons only around 55 players have averaged 95+, so you are talking real cream of the crop style stuff. 

While I expect both players to improve their average I can’t see them becoming 95+ players just yet. That’s probably another year or two away for them both.  

Bump for Brown?

Do you think Tyler Brown gets a scoring bump with Adam Treloar out or does that go to Diacos or (god forbid) Sier”


I’m not sure where I sit on Tyler Brown just yet. While he was getting games he probably wasn’t putting up the numbers that he maybe should have been. He’s one I’d like to keep my eye on in the pre-season though.

Treloar gave them a bit of speed and someone like T. Brown or Sier don’t really have that from what we’ve seen.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Daicos continues his rise or we see even more of DeGoey in the guts this year to provide a bit of speed out of the stoppage.

Soaring Swan Stephens

“Can we expect to see Sydney use Dylan Stephens a lot in the midfield this year?”


I believe so. Stephens was mighty impressive in his 8 games averaging 57 (71 BCV).

His ability to find the footy along with his tackling prowess shows that he is going to be one hell of a fantasy player in the future. He’s one I’d like to have in my side for many years to come. 

In 2021, I still think we’ll see him a bit more on the wings as opposed to in the guts but he’s definitely someone you should stick with.

Forward Depth Conundrums

“Does lack of Fwd options along with Lycett’s career injury history make Ladhams a good DPP keeper option?”


It is true that forwards are very light on this year but I still don’t see Ladhams as too much more than a great handcuff option. 

Yes he’ll get his opportunities every now and then, either in tandem with Lycett or giving him a chop out but he’s probably not a viable keeper option just to hold him as a forward.

It depends a lot on your league, the number of keepers and potentially a bit of strategy but I’d probably suggest holding a more consistent forward over someone like Ladhams.

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1 Comment

  1. Henry

    January 6, 2021 at 10:03 am

    Great blog, Kaes! Many thanks.

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