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The Breakout Tracker

The Breakout Tracker is designed to help you identify the next big scorer in AFL Fantasy before they make the leap. Using an easy-to-use comparative tool, you can compare any player in the AFL to the best players in the competition at the same point in their careers.



Breakout Tracker



NameClubPosGames100s%100sCar. Avg.T10Diff
Nick DaicosCWB,C13430.884.861.723.1
Patrick ParnellADB20065.557.58
Nic NewmanCAB80202583.375.47.9
Alex WitherdenWCB781721.883.976.17.8
Jacob WehrGWSB40065.357.67.7
Isaac CummingGWSB461021.778717
Hayden YoungFRB2428.371.664.76.9
Jordan DawsonADB,C771620.882.876.66.2
Luke ClearyWBB2006357.55.5
Nathan O'DriscollFRB,C7114.361.758.23.5


NameClubPosGames100s%100sCar. Avg.T20Diff
Jake FlorencaWCC1008350.632.4
Nic MartinESF,C123258467.116.9
Nick DaicosCWB,C13430.884.867.916.9
Aaron BlackWCC1006750.616.4
Sam WalshCAC733142.595.986.69.3
Jai NewcombeHWC19526.378.373.54.8
Charlie ConstableGCC12216.771.267.14.1
Brayden FioriniGCC712940.890.486.63.8
Greg ClarkWCC6116.768.766.62.1
Will BrodieFRC,F37718.97877.60.4


NameClubPosGames100s%100sCar. Avg.T5Diff
Reilly O'BrienADR682232.488.986.22.7
Luke StrnadicaWCR20054.552.42.1
Kieran StrachanADR50062.263.1-0.9
Jack HayesSKR,F51206163.1-2.1
Rowan MarshallSKR771924.783.787.4-3.7
Matt FlynnGWSR2129.56973.4-4.4
Braydon PreussGWSR2562467.573.3-5.8
Jordon SweetWBR80060.366.7-6.4
Nick BryanESR4005259.5-7.5
Tim EnglishWBR,F771519.578.687.4-8.8


NameClubPosGames100s%100sCar. Avg.T10Diff
Nic MartinESF,C123258467.116.9
Kaine BaldwinESF412569.559.510
Jye AmissFRF1005250.61.4
Will BrodieFRC,F37718.97877.60.4
Errol GuldenSYF,C31412.974.674.9-0.3
Judson ClarkeRIC,F2005252.4-0.4
Ben HobbsESC,F90065.767.8-2.1
Jack HayesSKR,F51206163.1-2.1
Cooper HamiltonGWSC,F30056.358.8-2.5
Jason Horne-FrancisNMC,F120063.967.1-3.2

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