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Breakout Tracker: Top Players Chart

Our good mate Adam (give him a follow on Twitter: @adza08elf) has come up with an expansion for our Breakout Tracker resource.

If you don’t know what the Breakout Tracker is, you can check out this article that explains things a little better.

But essentially, it is a tool that calculates the career average of players’ first 100 games and allows you to compare them to the best players in the competition.

The chart below allows you to select a position and a number of games and it will show the best players after the selected number of games. You can then choose the number of players you to view, from the best player to the top 20 players. You can also select and deselect individual players by clicking on the players’ names below the chart.

This allows you to track players performing ahead of the best in the competition. You can then use these players to compare with players in your own team using the original Breakout Tracker tool.

Get the advanced version of this chart (which includes more selectable options) by becoming a member.

Top Players Chart

Breakout Compare