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Data Analysis

CBA Analysis – AAMI Community Series

Centre Bounce Attendances (CBAs) are every serious fantasy coach’s wet dream.

Delving deep into the CBAs has become somewhat of an obsession of mine even before the folks at Champion Data were kind enough to let us peek behind the curtain at some of their glorious goods. 

CBAs are a statistic that measure the amount of times a player is present at a centre bounce at the beginning of a quarter or following a goal – with high CBA numbers thus corresponding with high midfield usage and – in most cases – high fantasy output. 

We’ve read every article, watched every snippet of time trial footage, stalked potential breakout players Instagram pages for signs of an extra ab muscle and hung on every word Bevo and Horse muttered during the pre-season. But nothing compares to seeing with our own two eyes which of our keepers or potential re-draft picks are getting CBAs in a good old fashioned AAMI/JLT/MARSH/NAB/ANSETT CUP hitout! 

The AAMI Community Series was a great opportunity for us keeper coaches to identify some potential new midfield candidates for 2021 and for seasons to come, as we try to gauge the mindset of the most mysterious and secretive creature on planet earth; the AFL coach. 

So enjoy spend countless hours sorting through the stats yourself, then take a look at a few that peaked my interest for your keeper leagues: 

Dossy’s Top 5 CBA Pre-Season Tempters

Paddy Dow (18 CBAs – 47% attendance) | 51 AFL Fantasy 

Had to start on Paddy Dow for the brand. The fantasy score wasn’t there, but everything other part of his game was sound. Sporting a far stronger frame in 2021, Dow appears ready to utilise his newfound strength around stoppage to apply pressure and use his explosive speed with ball in hand to win clearances. Dow was among the Blues best for pressure acts, score involvements, and clearances. Available as a forward in 2021, he’s worthy of a spot on your list as a potential breakout candidate. 

Noah Anderson (17 CBAs – 49% attendance) | 78 AFL Fantasy

We know Stewie Dew loves his Nando’s, and this Nando is no exception. The Suns coach has repeatedly announced his intentions to upgrade his Nando to extra hot peri peri by adding some CBAs to the mix in 2021. Whilst Anderson’s teammate Will Brodie similarly has plenty of keeper coaches excited (105 points at 1.09 PPM in the AAMI!), Anderson’s job – and CBA – security is far, far greater. In four games where Noah attended seven or more CBAs in 2020, he averaged an adjusted 85.6 AFL Fantasy points. 

Jade Gresham (16 CBAs – 42% attendance) | 59 AFL Fantasy 

Gresham is a sneaky under-the-radar pickup in keeper leagues for 2021. Losing forward status heading into 2021, it’s easy to write off the feisty 177cm Saint. After a disastrous, injury-affected Coronaball campaign, the 23-year-old looks set to have a second crack at a juicy inside role. His 16 CBAs and 59 AFL Fantasy points in the AAMI Community Series came from just 60% time on ground. Gresham has looked Zorko-esque at times playing on the inside and possesses the all-important unmeasurable metric: “Observable Thirst”. 

Luke Davies-Uniacke (23 CBAs – 74% attendance) | 74 AFL Fantasy

LDU gave us a glimpse of his tantalising potential with a plethora of elite touches and smooth-moving composure. Yes, Jed Anderson, Cunnington, Dumont and Polec won’t miss every game this season, but Davies-Uniacke’s CBAs are here to stay. LDU’s development is key to the future success of the young Roos midfield and he will be given every opportunity by Noble to develop in the role. His somewhat modest 74 AFL Fantasy points in 73% time on ground (0.78PPM) kept his hype on the down-low, which may give you a chance to snap him up and enjoy a 10 year hold. 

Jye Caldwell (12 CBAs – 50% attendance) | 75 AFL Fantasy 

Caldwell, unlike his fellow midfield-minute seeking GWS counterpart this offseason, chose the right team to notch up immediate CBAs. The Dons are clearly keen to inject Caldwell straight into the guts and it showed in the AAMI, as the 20-year-old attended 12 CBAs in just 67% time on ground. Time will tell where Caldwell sits in the pecking order within the Bombers midfield for season 2021, but early signs suggest he’ll get enough CBAs to make him a genuine, potentially potent scoring option with his forward status. Long term, Caldwell’s early eye-test and PPM numbers (0.87 in the AAMI) suggest he could be similarly valuable as a mid-only option beyond 2021. 

AAMI Community Series CBA Numbers

Lloyd Meek (FR)7083%2095%
Reilly O'Brien (AD)6484%2492%
Shai Bolton (RI)4985%2492%
Jack Macrae (WB)15283%2690%
James Worpel (HW)7182%2787%
Tom Hickey (SY)3773%2885%
Oscar McInerney (BL)6479%2983%
Zach Merrett (ES)13485%2083%
Jy Simpkin (NM)7679%2581%
Brodie Grundy (CW)7986%2181%
Dom Sheed (WC)9684%1781%
Lachie Neale (BL)9488%2880%
Rory Laird (AD)9778%2077%
Matt Crouch (AD)7277%2077%
Scott Lycett (PA)7277%2077%
Marc Pittonet (CA)9985%2976%
Marcus Bontempelli (WB)13385%2276%
Tom Liberatore (WB)11683%2276%
Andrew Brayshaw (FR)9880%1676%
David Mundy (FR)8183%1676%
Paul Hunter (SK)6076%2874%
Jarrod Witts (GC)8874%2674%
Luke Davies-Uniacke (NM)7373%2374%
Jacob Hopper (GWS)7877%2473%
Jordan De Goey (CW)12776%1973%
Scott Pendlebury (CW)12489%1973%
Liam Shiels (HW)12379%2271%
Patrick Dangerfield (GE)8678%1771%
Luke Parker (SY)9183%2370%
Callum Mills (SY)6383%2370%
Christian Petracca (ME)7191%2069%
James Harmes (ME)6283%2069%
Kieren Briggs (GWS)5175%2267%
Joel Selwood (GE)7561%1667%
Brandan Parfitt (GE)6578%1667%
Patrick Cripps (CA)5791%2566%
Matt Rowell (GC)5970%2366%
Stephen Coniglio (GWS)7267%2164%
Sam Walsh (CA)8275%2463%
Sam Draper (ES)5558%1563%
Josh Dunkley (WB)13074%1862%
Jack Steele (SK)10981%2361%
Max Gawn (ME)8476%1759%
Dom Tyson (NM)10677%1858%
Ben McEvoy (HW)7969%1858%
Karl Amon (PA)10087%1558%
Dustin Martin (RI)6064%1558%
Darcy Parish (ES)11680%1458%
Josh Jenkins (GE)8679%1458%
Sebastian Ross (SK)9281%2155%
Tim Taranto (GWS)12185%1855%
Josh P. Kennedy (SY)7074%1855%
Todd Goldstein (NM)7390%1755%
Stefan Martin (WB)6977%1655%
Ollie Wines (PA)11471%1454%
Rory Sloane (AD)7080%1454%
Tom Rockliff (PA)6144%1454%
Luke Jackson (ME)4485%1552%
Nat Fyfe (FR)9879%1152%
Nic Naitanui (WC)2640%1152%
Brad Crouch (SK)5061%1950%
Shane Edwards (RI)9382%1350%
Jye Caldwell (ES)7567%1250%
Noah Anderson (GC)7884%1749%
Josh Kelly (GWS)8985%1648%
James Rowbottom (SY)8065%1648%
Tom Green (GWS)7372%1648%
Tom Phillips (HW)14179%1548%
Luke Shuey (WC)7554%1048%
Connor Blakely (FR)4758%1048%
Paddy Dow (CA)5170%1847%
Hugh Greenwood (GC)7181%1646%
Jarryd Lyons (BL)7076%1646%
Cameron Guthrie (GE)7275%1146%
Dylan Shiel (ES)6755%1146%
Will Brodie (GC)10570%1543%
Xavier O'Neill (WC)8280%943%
Zac Williams (CA)8072%1642%
Hunter Clark (SK)7068%1642%
Jade Gresham (SK)5960%1642%
Daniel Howe (HW)7378%1342%
Jonathon Ceglar (HW)7180%1342%
Willem Drew (PA)9379%1142%
Ed Curnow (CA)6986%1539%
Tim English (WB)9682%1138%
Brayden Sier (CW)7973%1038%
Jamie Elliott (CW)5578%1038%
Mabior Chol (RI)3445%1038%
Sam De Koning (GE)3151%938%
Liam Duggan (WC)8882%838%
Darcy Tucker (FR)6759%838%
Nathan Vardy (WC)2265%838%
Jarrod Berry (BL)11982%1337%
Touk Miller (GC)11076%1337%
Tom Campbell (NM)3540%1135%
Toby Nankervis (RI)3835%935%
Tom Sparrow (ME)3671%1034%
Aaron vandenBerg (ME)2567%1034%
Oliver Florent (SY)6584%1133%
Jack Redden (WC)7589%733%
Kyron Hayden (NM)4276%1032%
Hugh McCluggage (BL)6876%1131%
David Swallow (GC)5984%1131%
Zac Bailey (BL)5775%1131%
Lincoln McCarthy (BL)5180%1131%
Jack Graham (RI)8579%831%
Josh Daicos (CW)5879%831%
Travis Boak (PA)3834%831%
Riley Collier-Dawkins (RI)2039%831%
Lachie Weller (GC)11887%1029%
Andrew Gaff (WC)9883%629%
Nathan Jones (ME)5878%828%
James Jordon (ME)4979%828%
Jack Sinclair (SK)11283%1026%
Shaun McKernan (SK)8072%1026%
Andrew McGrath (ES)7788%625%
Charlie Constable (GE)3822%625%
Nick Bryan (ES)1225%625%
Jack Martin (CA)4177%924%
Alex Neal-Bullen (ME)7875%724%
Zane Trew (WC)3026%524%
Tarryn Thomas (NM)6774%723%
Peter Ladhams (PA)8688%623%
Jackson Mead (PA)3741%623%
Harry Schoenberg (AD)2974%623%
Oscar McDonald (CA)8269%821%
Devon Smith (ES)8377%521%
Harry Morrison (HW)10983%619%
Will Phillips (NM)1122%619%
Paul Seedsman (AD)6684%519%
Ben Keays (AD)5782%519%
Tyler Brown (CW)5484%519%
Trent Cotchin (RI)3132%519%
Sam Berry (AD)1942%519%
Will Martyn (RI)1921%519%
Jack Buckley (GWS)7584%618%
Chad Warner (SY)7070%618%
Dayne Zorko (BL)10981%617%
Joe Daniher (BL)7189%617%
Cam Rayner (BL)2233%617%
Chris Burgess (GC)913%617%
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (ES)5879%417%
Jack Bytel (SK)2618%616%
Lachlan Bramble (HW)3985%516%
Zak Butters (PA)11188%415%
Callum L. Brown (CW)5581%415%
Noah Balta (RI)4886%415%
David Cuningham (CA)4142%513%
Jaidyn Stephenson (NM)9882%413%
Dylan Moore (HW)8683%413%
Isaac Smith (GE)7583%313%
Peter Wright (ES)7181%313%
Shaun Higgins (GE)4558%313%
Robbie Gray (PA)9987%312%
Darcy Cameron (CW)7356%312%
Ned McHenry (AD)5882%312%
Steele Sidebottom (CW)89%312%
Nick Larkey (NM)2350%310%
Harry Edwards (WC)2230%210%
Charlie Cameron (BL)8988%39%
Sam Day (GC)6281%39%
Callum Sinclair (SY)1916%39%
Jeremy Finlayson (GWS)1539%39%
Mason Cox (CW)6478%28%
Callum Coleman-Jones (RI)5189%28%
Riley Thilthorpe (AD)839%28%
Tanner Bruhn (GWS)6682%26%
Nick Blakey (SY)5879%26%
Sam Reid (SY)5875%26%
Jake Riccardi (GWS)2953%26%
Lachie Fogarty (CA)7087%25%
Jack Billings (SK)6788%25%
James Aish (FR)8579%15%
Michael Walters (FR)3465%15%
Josh Treacy (FR)2475%15%
Isiah Winder (WC)1837%15%
Xavier Duursma (PA)8982%14%
Connor Rozee (PA)8172%14%
Mark Blicavs (GE)7495%14%
Kane Farrell (PA)7478%14%
David Astbury (RI)5281%14%
Jack Higgins (SK)10787%13%
Lachie Hunter (WB)8781%13%
Oliver Hanrahan (HW)7084%13%
Matt de Boer (GWS)6977%13%
Callan Ward (GWS)6878%13%
Charlie Spargo (ME)4374%13%
Callum Moore (CA)1240%13%
Jayden Short (RI)17184%00%
Dan Houston (PA)15479%00%
Jordan Clark (GE)13566%00%
Ethan Hughes (FR)13396%00%
Josh Caddy (RI)12582%00%
Riley Bonner (PA)12079%00%
Tom Stewart (GE)11285%00%
Sam Wicks (SY)10979%00%
Caleb Daniel (WB)10884%00%
Josh Walker (NM)10676%00%
Darcy MacPherson (GC)10583%00%
Steven May (ME)10285%00%
Jack Lonie (SK)10284%00%
Michael Frederick (FR)10094%00%
Kamdyn McIntosh (RI)10082%00%
Patrick Lipinski (WB)10084%00%
Aliir Aliir (PA)9994%00%
Alex Sexton (GC)9878%00%
Ed Langdon (ME)9798%00%
Bayley Fritsch (ME)9788%00%
Bradley Hill (SK)9780%00%
Wil Powell (GC)9679%00%
Darcy Byrne-Jones (PA)9685%00%
Toby Greene (GWS)9682%00%
Zac Fisher (CA)9583%00%
Brandon Ellis (GC)9585%00%
Jacob Koschitzke (HW)9584%00%
Bailey Smith (WB)9587%00%
Jed Bews (GE)9386%00%
Liam Baker (RI)9382%00%
Marc Murphy (CA)9281%00%
Shannon Hurn (WC)9179%00%
Sam J. Reid (GWS)9183%00%
Jackson Nelson (WC)9174%00%
Grant Birchall (BL)9081%00%
Jack Silvagni (CA)9081%00%
Jack Crisp (CW)9088%00%
Jack Ziebell (NM)8986%00%
Blake Acres (FR)8983%00%
Tom Barrass (WC)8984%00%
Andrew McPherson (AD)8778%00%
Ryan Burton (PA)8784%00%
Brodie Smith (AD)8685%00%
Miles Bergman (PA)8679%00%
Jack Riewoldt (RI)8685%00%
Jordan Ridley (ES)8597%00%
Brennan Cox (FR)8591%00%
Nick Vlastuin (RI)8587%00%
Kyle Langford (ES)8587%00%
Oleg Markov (GC)8571%00%
Kane Lambert (RI)8578%00%
Sam Docherty (CA)8489%00%
Isaac Quaynor (CW)8483%00%
Tom Cole (WC)8483%00%
Alex Witherden (WC)8377%00%
Changkuoth Jiath (HW)8379%00%
Bailey Williams (WB)8388%00%
Harry Perryman (GWS)8280%00%
Dylan Grimes (RI)8263%00%
Jake Lever (ME)8197%00%
Jayden Laverde (ES)8184%00%
Brayden Maynard (CW)8082%00%
Cale Hooker (ES)8081%00%
Daniel Rich (BL)7979%00%
Jason Castagna (RI)7984%00%
Jack Lukosius (GC)7882%00%
Tom Atkins (GE)7882%00%
Mark O'Connor (GE)7881%00%
Bailey Dale (WB)7777%00%
John Noble (CW)7787%00%
Lachie Schultz (FR)7788%00%
Jack Darling (WC)7794%00%
Jeremy Howe (CW)7667%00%
Jordan Dawson (SY)7687%00%
Lachie Henderson (GE)7690%00%
Nick Hind (ES)7560%00%
Jarrod Harbrow (GC)7586%00%
Ben Long (SK)7482%00%
Josh Thomas (CW)7476%00%
Tim Membrey (SK)7492%00%
Connor Budarick (GC)7388%00%
Orazio Fantasia (PA)7338%00%
Oscar Allen (WC)7384%00%
Hayden Young (FR)7282%00%
Lachlan Sholl (AD)7287%00%
Errol Gulden (SY)7281%00%
Will Setterfield (CA)7079%00%
Dyson Heppell (ES)7081%00%
Tyler Brockman (HW)6976%00%
Tom Jonas (PA)6992%00%
Isaac Heeney (SY)6985%00%
Liam Ryan (WC)6987%00%
Luke McDonald (NM)6884%00%
Adam Saad (CA)6882%00%
Jeremy Cameron (GE)6777%00%
Nick Coffield (SK)6785%00%
Harry Himmelberg (GWS)6683%00%
Jimmy Webster (SK)6686%00%
Jamie Cripps (WC)6686%00%
Aidan Corr (NM)6590%00%
Mitch Robinson (BL)6575%00%
Tom Powell (NM)6467%00%
Daniel Rioli (RI)6472%00%
Josh Bruce (WB)6487%00%
Connor Downie (HW)6378%00%
George Hewett (SY)6389%00%
Brad Sheppard (WC)6271%00%
Blake Hardwick (HW)6180%00%
Callum Wilkie (SK)61100%00%
Ryan Lester (BL)6184%00%
Darcy Moore (CW)6096%00%
Will Day (HW)6082%00%
Connor Idun (GWS)6088%00%
Jamaine Jones (WC)6079%00%
Isaac Cumming (GWS)5881%00%
James Rowe (AD)5882%00%
Kayne Turner (NM)5883%00%
Josh Rotham (WC)5834%00%
Anthony Scott (WB)5882%00%
Braeden Campbell (SY)5780%00%
Tom Hawkins (GE)5798%00%
Marlion Pickett (RI)5775%00%
Reece Conca (FR)5680%00%
Sam Petrevski-Seton (CA)5675%00%
Jack Madgen (CW)5691%00%
Charlie Ballard (GC)5693%00%
Dan Butler (SK)5584%00%
Matt Buntine (GWS)5448%00%
Liam Jones (CA)54100%00%
Dougal Howard (SK)5391%00%
Taylor Walker (AD)5390%00%
Eric Hipwood (BL)5380%00%
Sam Menegola (GE)5362%00%
Damon Greaves (HW)5346%00%
Sam Frost (HW)5291%00%
Shaun Burgoyne (HW)5180%00%
Alex Pearce (FR)5176%00%
Shaun Atley (NM)5183%00%
Jake Aarts (RI)5175%00%
Tom McCartin (SY)5179%00%
Rhylee West (WB)5179%00%
Conor Nash (HW)5081%00%
Tim O'Brien (HW)5086%00%
Tom McDonald (ME)5088%00%
Mitch Georgiades (PA)5049%00%
Jack Bowes (GC)4882%00%
Jordon Butts (AD)4882%00%
Shane McAdam (AD)4872%00%
Lachie Ash (GWS)4885%00%
Gary Rohan (GE)4875%00%
Keidean Coleman (BL)4772%00%
Logan McDonald (SY)4746%00%
Trent Rivers (ME)4683%00%
Jack Payne (BL)4688%00%
Harris Andrews (BL)4683%00%
Harrison Jones (ES)4675%00%
Kade Chandler (ME)4672%00%
Max King (SK)4660%00%
Lachie Young (NM)4585%00%
Brandon Starcevich (BL)4585%00%
Brayden Ham (ES)4583%00%
Nick Haynes (GWS)4568%00%
Bailey Scott (NM)4582%00%
Jack Petruccelle (WC)4576%00%
Lachie Plowman (CA)4491%00%
Jack Newnes (CA)4453%00%
Sam Taylor (GWS)4445%00%
Zach Tuohy (GE)4478%00%
Zach Guthrie (GE)4450%00%
Steven Motlop (PA)4459%00%
Hayden Crozier (WB)4460%00%
Gryan Miers (GE)4363%00%
Lachlan Jones (PA)4342%00%
Lewis Melican (SY)4389%00%
Jeremy McGovern (WC)4377%00%
Jacob Weitering (CA)4266%00%
Lochie O'Brien (CA)4230%00%
Will Snelling (ES)4280%00%
Bailey Banfield (FR)4271%00%
Oskar Baker (ME)4281%00%
Mitch Wallis (WB)4281%00%
Daniel Lloyd (GWS)4176%00%
Kyle Hartigan (HW)4193%00%
Nathan Broad (RI)4182%00%
Lachlan McNeil (WB)4179%00%
Joel Hamling (FR)4071%00%
Tom Clurey (PA)4044%00%
Tom Fullarton (BL)3980%00%
Tobe Watson (FR)3888%00%
Liam Henry (FR)3834%00%
Ben King (GC)3883%00%
Josh Battle (SK)3878%00%
Dane Rampe (SY)3875%00%
Tom Papley (SY)3878%00%
Will Hayward (SY)3890%00%
Harry Sharp (BL)3745%00%
Jake Kolodjashnij (GE)3745%00%
Sam Collins (GC)3750%00%
Thomas Highmore (SK)3757%00%
Ned Cahill (ES)3683%00%
Harry Cunningham (SY)3672%00%
Adam Tomlinson (ME)3586%00%
Callum Ah Chee (BL)3582%00%
Neville Jetta (ME)3561%00%
Jayden Hunt (ME)3587%00%
Cameron Zurhaar (NM)3589%00%
Luke Brown (AD)3483%00%
Lachlan Keeffe (GWS)3464%00%
Curtis Taylor (NM)3365%00%
Nicholas Murray (AD)3286%00%
Travis Colyer (FR)3222%00%
Mitch Crowden (FR)3246%00%
Ben Ainsworth (GC)3244%00%
Caleb Graham (GC)3150%00%
Aaron Francis (ES)3080%00%
Buku Khamis (WB)3044%00%
Mitchell Hinge (AD)2986%00%
Darcy Fogarty (AD)2880%00%
Will Hamill (AD)2879%00%
Nikolas Cox (ES)2880%00%
Will Hoskin-Elliott (CW)2784%00%
Oliver Henry (CW)2772%00%
James Stewart (ES)2760%00%
Jake Bowey (ME)2757%00%
Trey Ruscoe (CW)2667%00%
Matt Taberner (FR)2693%00%
Jarman Impey (HW)2543%00%
Ben McKay (NM)2598%00%
Francis Evans (GE)2439%00%
Tom Williamson (CA)2374%00%
Jordan Roughead (CW)2394%00%
Jack Henry (GE)2343%00%
Atu Bosenavulagi (NM)2352%00%
Daniel McKenzie (SK)2319%00%
Martin Gleeson (ES)2129%00%
Xavier O'Halloran (GWS)2120%00%
Jack Mahony (NM)2139%00%
Phoenix Spicer (NM)2124%00%
Will Kelly (CW)2025%00%
Heath Chapman (FR)2016%00%
Charlie Dixon (PA)1947%00%
Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (RI)1831%00%
Ryan Gardner (WB)18100%00%
Aaron Naughton (WB)1842%00%
Marcus Adams (BL)1717%00%
Nick Holman (GC)1625%00%
Zac Langdon (WC)1643%00%
Mason Wood (SK)1511%00%
Charlie Lazzaro (NM)1435%00%
Dominic Bedendo (WB)1462%00%
Alex Keath (WB)1385%00%
Matthew Ling (SY)1217%00%
Chayce Jones (AD)1144%00%
Archie Perkins (ES)1119%00%
Jay Lockhart (ME)1116%00%
Billy Frampton (AD)1043%00%
Alec Waterman (ES)925%00%
Laitham Vandermeer (WB)913%00%
Toby Bedford (ME)824%00%
Rory Lobb (FR)66%00%
Nick Shipley (GWS)620%00%
James Bell (SY)544%00%
Ryan Clarke (SY)38%00%
James Frawley (SK)213%00%
Harry McKay (CA)-322%00%

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