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Keeper League Draft Rankings Update

Draft week is upon us!

Heff and Kaes have adjusted their rankings taking into account all the latest information about players collected over the pre-season, and also taking into account performances from the AAMI Community Series.

There may also be a tiny bit of hype involved with some picks, but forgive us – we’re only human.

Below are our top ranks at each position, which take into account player age, position change likelihood, job security, and future scoring potential.

Use these ranks when drafting your keeper league teams!


1Jake Lloyd (SY)Jake Lloyd (SY)
2Rory Laird (AD)Lachie Whitfield (GWS)
3Lachie Whitfield (GWS)Rory Laird (AD)
4Jack Crisp (CW)Tom Stewart (GE)
5Jayden Short (RI)Jack Crisp (CW)
6Sam Docherty (CA)Zac Williams (CA)
7Jordan Ridley (ES)Dan Houston (PA)
8Callum Mills (SY)Brayden Maynard (CW)
9Tom Stewart (GE)Callum Mills (SY)
10Caleb Daniel (WB)Sam Docherty (CA)
11Luke McDonald (NM)Jayden Short (RI)
12Alex Witherden (WC)Caleb Daniel (WB)
13Brayden Maynard (CW)Christian Salem (ME)
14Dan Houston (PA)Nick Coffield (SK)
15Christian Salem (ME)Luke Ryan (FR)
16Luke Ryan (FR)Jordan Ridley (ES)
17Nick Haynes (GWS)Liam Duggan (WC)
18Zac Williams (CA)Luke McDonald (NM)
19Jordan Dawson (SY)Nick Haynes (GWS)
20Liam Duggan (WC)Jack Bowes (GC)


1Zach Merrett (ES)Zach Merrett (ES)
2Tom Mitchell (HW)Jack Macrae (WB)
3Lachie Neale (BL)Clayton Oliver (ME)
4Clayton Oliver (ME)Tom Mitchell (HW)
5Jack Macrae (WB)Matt Crouch (AD)
6Matt Crouch (AD)Lachie Neale (BL)
7Taylor Adams (CW)Tim Taranto (GWS)
8Jack Steele (SK)Taylor Adams (CW)
9Tim Taranto (GWS)Jack Steele (SK)
10Josh Kelly (GWS)Lachie Hunter (WB)
11Adam Treloar (WB)Josh Kelly (GWS)
12Stephen Coniglio (GWS)Matt Rowell (GC)
13Sam Walsh (CA)Sam Walsh (CA)
14Matt Rowell (GC)Dylan Shiel (ES)
15Andrew Gaff (WC)Patrick Cripps (CA)
16Lachie Hunter (WB)Adam Treloar (WB)
17Marcus Bontempelli (WB)Christian Petracca (ME)
18Brad Crouch (SK)Stephen Coniglio (GWS)
19Mitch Duncan (GE)Marcus Bontempelli (WB)
20Jarryd Lyons (BL)Luke Parker (SY)


1Brodie Grundy (CW)Brodie Grundy (CW)
2Max Gawn (ME)Max Gawn (ME)
3Reilly O'Brien (AD)Reilly O'Brien (AD)
4Rowan Marshall (SK)Rowan Marshall (SK)
5Jarrod Witts (GC)Tim English (WB)
6Tim English (WB)Jarrod Witts (GC)
7Toby Nankervis (RI)Toby Nankervis (RI)
8Todd Goldstein (NM)Scott Lycett (PA)
9Oscar McInerney (BL)Todd Goldstein (NM)
10Sam Draper (ES)Oscar McInerney (BL)
11Nic Naitanui (WC)Sam Draper (ES)
12Peter Ladhams (PA)Braydon Preuss (GWS)
13Scott Lycett (PA)Nic Naitanui (WC)
14Sean Darcy (FR)Sean Darcy (FR)
15Braydon Preuss (GWS)Marc Pittonet (CA)
16Marc Pittonet (CA)Tom De Koning (CA)
17Tom De Koning (CA)Rhys Stanley (GE)
18Ben McEvoy (HW)Ben McEvoy (HW)
19Jonathon Ceglar (HW)Jonathon Ceglar (HW)
20Rhys Stanley (GE)Peter Ladhams (PA)


1Josh Dunkley (WB)Josh Dunkley (WB)
2Dustin Martin (RI)Dustin Martin (RI)
3Patrick Dangerfield (GE)Patrick Dangerfield (GE)
4Isaac Heeney (SY)Isaac Heeney (SY)
5Toby Greene (GWS)Steele Sidebottom (CW)
6Connor Rozee (PA)Toby Greene (GWS)
7Zak Butters (PA)Jack Martin (CA)
8Chad Wingard (HW)Jye Caldwell (ES)
9Jordan De Goey (CW)Ben Ainsworth (GC)
10Steele Sidebottom (CW)Zak Butters (PA)
11Dayne Zorko (BL)Michael Walters (FR)
12Tom Phillips (HW)Dayne Zorko (BL)
13Kyle Langford (ES)Kyle Langford (ES)
14Jeremy Cameron (GE)Jordan De Goey (CW)
15Shai Bolton (RI)Shai Bolton (RI)
16Ben Ainsworth (GC)Tom Phillips (HW)
17Jack Martin (CA)Connor Rozee (PA)
18Zac Bailey (BL)Zac Bailey (BL)
19Jack Higgins (SK)Jeremy Cameron (GE)
20Jye Caldwell (ES)Chad Wingard (HW)

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