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Data Analysis

End-of-season Champion Data positions

Stephen Coniglio celebrates.

Recently we’ve had some questions about prospective position changes for next year, particularly from leagues that conduct their trade periods immediately after the fantasy season ends.

Trawling through the data files of the AFL website, I noticed in the stats sections they give a detailed position for every player.

It seems pretty up-to-date, as it has Nick Blakey listed as a defender, Matthew Kennedy listed only as a midfielder, Stephen Coniglio listed as a midfielder-forward, and Miles Bergmann also only a midfielder.

Interestingly, Connor Nash is listed as a midfielder-forward, Justin McInerney is listed as a midfielder and Jordan Dawson is listed as a medium defender.

Now, I wouldn’t take these as gospel as there are bound to be positions added and taken away in the offseason, but I thought exporting these positions into a table might help out some coaches who have to make list management decisions before the official AFL Fantasy positions are released.

As always, the table below is searchable, sortable, and filterable.

Current Champion Data Positions

NameClubCD ClassCD Pos
Andrew McPhersonADELMedium DefenderB
Ben DavisADELMedium DefenderB
Ben KeaysADELMidfielderC
Billy FramptonADELKey ForwardF
Brayden CookADELMidfielderC
Brodie SmithADELMedium DefenderB
Bryce GibbsADELMedium DefenderB
Chayce JonesADELMedium DefenderB
Daniel TaliaADELKey DefenderB
Darcy FogartyADELKey ForwardF
David MackayADELMidfielderC
Elliott HimmelbergADELKey ForwardF
Fischer McAseyADELKey DefenderB
Harry SchoenbergADELMidfielderC
Jackson HatelyADELMidfielderC
Jake KellyADELMedium DefenderB
James BorlaseADELKey DefenderB
James RoweADELMedium ForwardF
Jordon ButtsADELKey DefenderB
Josh WorrellADELMedium DefenderB
Kieran StrachanADELRuckR
Lachlan GollantADELMedium DefenderB
Lachlan MurphyADELMedium ForwardF
Lachlan ShollADELMidfielderC
Luke BrownADELMedium DefenderB
Luke PedlarADELMedium ForwardF
Matt CrouchADELMidfielderC
Mitchell HingeADELMedium DefenderB
Ned McHenryADELMedium ForwardF
Nick MurrayADELKey DefenderB
Patrick ParnellADELMedium DefenderB
Paul SeedsmanADELMidfielderC
Reilly O'BrienADELRuckR
Riley ThilthorpeADELKey ForwardF
Ronin O'ConnorADELMidfielderC
Rory LairdADELMidfielderC
Rory SloaneADELMidfielderC
Sam BerryADELMedium ForwardF
Shane McAdamADELMedium ForwardF
Tariek NewchurchADELMedium ForwardF
Taylor WalkerADELKey ForwardF
Tom DoedeeADELKey DefenderB
Tom LynchADELMedium ForwardF
Tyson StengleADELMedium ForwardF
Wayne MileraADELMedium DefenderB
Will HamillADELMedium DefenderB
Archie SmithBLRuckR
Blake ColemanBLMedium ForwardF
Brandon StarcevichBLMedium DefenderB
Brock SmithBLMedium DefenderB
Callum Ah CheeBLMedium DefenderB
Cam RaynerBLMedium ForwardF
Cameron Ellis-YolmenBLMidfielder ForwardC,F
Carter MichaelBLMidfielderC
Charlie CameronBLMedium ForwardF
Connor BallendenBLRuckR
Connor McFadyenBLMedium ForwardF
Daniel McStayBLKey ForwardF
Daniel RichBLMedium DefenderB
Darcy GardinerBLKey DefenderB
Dayne ZorkoBLMidfielderC
Deividas UosisBLMedium DefenderB
Deven RobertsonBLMidfielder ForwardC,F
Ely SmithBLMidfielder ForwardC,F
Eric HipwoodBLKey ForwardF
Grant BirchallBLMedium DefenderB
Harris AndrewsBLKey DefenderB
Harry SharpBLMidfielderC
Henry SmithBLRuckR
Hugh McCluggageBLMidfielderC
Jack PayneBLKey DefenderB
James MaddenBLMedium DefenderB
Jarrod BerryBLMidfielderC
Jarryd LyonsBLMidfielderC
Jaxon PriorBLMidfielderC
Joe DaniherBLKey ForwardF
Kalin LaneBLRuckR
Keidean ColemanBLMedium ForwardF
Lachie NealeBLMidfielderC
Lincoln McCarthyBLMedium ForwardF
Marcus AdamsBLKey DefenderB
Mitch RobinsonBLMidfielderC
Nakia CockatooBLMedium ForwardF
Noah AnswerthBLMedium DefenderB
Oscar McInerneyBLRuckR
Rhys MathiesonBLMidfielderC
Ryan LesterBLMedium DefenderB
Thomas BerryBLMedium ForwardF
Tom FullartonBLRuckR
Tom JoyceBLMidfielderC
Zac BaileyBLMidfielder ForwardC,F
Adam SaadCARLMedium DefenderB
Alex MirkovCARLRuckR
Brodie KempCARLMedium DefenderB
Caleb MarchbankCARLMedium DefenderB
Charlie CurnowCARLKey ForwardF
Corey DurdinCARLMedium ForwardF
David CuninghamCARLMidfielder ForwardC,F
Ed CurnowCARLMidfielderC
Eddie BettsCARLMedium ForwardF
Harry McKayCARLKey ForwardF
Jack CarrollCARLMidfielderC
Jack MartinCARLMedium ForwardF
Jack NewnesCARLMidfielderC
Jack SilvagniCARLMedium ForwardF
Jacob WeiteringCARLKey DefenderB
Jordan BoydCARLMedium DefenderB
Josh HoneyCARLMedium ForwardF
Lachie FogartyCARLMedium ForwardF
Lachie PlowmanCARLMedium DefenderB
Levi CasboultCARLKey ForwardF
Liam JonesCARLKey DefenderB
Liam StockerCARLMedium DefenderB
Lochie O'BrienCARLMidfielderC
Luke ParksCARLMedium DefenderB
Marc MurphyCARLMedium ForwardF
Marc PittonetCARLRuckR
Matthew CottrellCARLMidfielderC
Matthew KennedyCARLMidfielderC
Matthew OwiesCARLMedium ForwardF
Michael GibbonsCARLMedium ForwardF
Mitch McGovernCARLKey ForwardF
Nic NewmanCARLMedium DefenderB
Oscar McDonaldCARLKey ForwardF
Paddy DowCARLMidfielderC
Patrick CrippsCARLMidfielderC
Sam DochertyCARLMedium DefenderB
Sam Petrevski-SetonCARLMedium DefenderB
Sam PhilpCARLMedium ForwardF
Sam RamsayCARLMidfielderC
Sam WalshCARLMidfielderC
Tom De KoningCARLRuckR
Tom WilliamsonCARLMedium DefenderB
Will SetterfieldCARLMidfielderC
Zac FisherCARLMedium ForwardF
Zac WilliamsCARLMedium DefenderB
Aiden BeggCOLLRuckR
Anton TohillCOLLKey DefenderB
Ash JohnsonCOLLKey ForwardF
Beau McCreeryCOLLMedium ForwardF
Brayden MaynardCOLLMedium DefenderB
Brayden SierCOLLMidfielderC
Brodie GrundyCOLLRuckR
Brody MihocekCOLLKey ForwardF
Caleb PoulterCOLLMidfielderC
Callum L. BrownCOLLMedium ForwardF
Chris MayneCOLLMedium DefenderB
Darcy CameronCOLLKey ForwardF
Darcy MooreCOLLKey DefenderB
Finlay MacraeCOLLMidfielderC
Isaac ChuggCOLLMidfielderC
Isaac QuaynorCOLLMedium DefenderB
Jack CrispCOLLMedium DefenderB
Jack GinnivanCOLLMedium ForwardF
Jack MadgenCOLLMedium DefenderB
Jamie ElliottCOLLMedium ForwardF
Jay RantallCOLLMedium ForwardF
Jeremy HoweCOLLMedium DefenderB
John NobleCOLLMedium DefenderB
Jordan De GoeyCOLLMidfielder ForwardC,F
Jordan RougheadCOLLKey DefenderB
Josh DaicosCOLLMidfielderC
Josh ThomasCOLLMedium ForwardF
Levi GreenwoodCOLLMidfielderC
Liam McMahonCOLLKey ForwardF
Mark KeaneCOLLKey DefenderB
Mason CoxCOLLKey ForwardF
Max LynchCOLLRuckR
Nathan MurphyCOLLMidfielder ForwardC,F
Oliver HenryCOLLMedium ForwardF
Reef McInnesCOLLMidfielderC
Scott PendleburyCOLLMidfielderC
Steele SidebottomCOLLMidfielder ForwardC,F
Taylor AdamsCOLLMidfielderC
Tom WilsonCOLLMedium DefenderB
Trent BiancoCOLLMedium ForwardF
Trey RuscoeCOLLMedium DefenderB
Tyler BrownCOLLMidfielderC
Will Hoskin-ElliottCOLLMidfielderC
Will KellyCOLLKey ForwardF
Aaron FrancisESSKey DefenderB
Alec WatermanESSMedium ForwardF
Andrew McGrathESSMidfielderC
Andrew PhillipsESSRuckR
Anthony McDonald-TipungwutiESSMedium ForwardF
Archie PerkinsESSMedium ForwardF
Brandon Zerk-ThatcherESSKey DefenderB
Brayden HamESSMidfielder ForwardC,F
Cale HookerESSKey ForwardF
Cian McBrideESSKey ForwardF
Cody BrandESSKey DefenderB
Darcy ParishESSMidfielderC
David ZaharakisESSMidfielder ForwardC,F
Devon SmithESSMedium ForwardF
Dylan ClarkeESSMidfielder ForwardC,F
Dylan ShielESSMidfielderC
Dyson HeppellESSMedium DefenderB
Harrison JonesESSKey ForwardF
Irving MosquitoESSMedium ForwardF
Jake StringerESSMidfielder ForwardC,F
James StewartESSKey DefenderB
Jayden LaverdeESSKey DefenderB
Jordan RidleyESSMedium DefenderB
Josh EyreESSKey DefenderB
Jye CaldwellESSMidfielderC
Kaine BaldwinESSKey ForwardF
Kyle LangfordESSMidfielderC
Lachie JohnsonESSMidfielder ForwardC,F
Martin GleesonESSMedium DefenderB
Mason RedmanESSMedium DefenderB
Matt GuelfiESSMidfielderC
Michael HurleyESSKey DefenderB
Ned CahillESSMedium DefenderB
Nick BryanESSRuckR
Nick HindESSMedium DefenderB
Nik CoxESSMidfielderC
Patrick AmbroseESSKey ForwardF
Peter WrightESSRuckR
Ross McQuillanESSMedium ForwardF
Sam DraperESSRuckR
Sam DurhamESSMidfielderC
Tom CutlerESSMedium DefenderB
Tom HirdESSMidfielderC
Will SnellingESSMedium ForwardF
Zach MerrettESSMidfielderC
Zach ReidESSKey DefenderB
Adam CerraFREMidfielderC
Alex PearceFREKey DefenderB
Andrew BrayshawFREMidfielderC
Bailey BanfieldFREMedium ForwardF
Blake AcresFREMidfielderC
Brandon WalkerFREMedium DefenderB
Brennan CoxFREKey DefenderB
Brett BewleyFREMidfielderC
Caleb SerongFREMidfielderC
Connor BlakelyFREMidfielderC
Darcy TuckerFREMedium DefenderB
David MundyFREMidfielderC
Ethan HughesFREMedium DefenderB
Griffin LogueFREKey DefenderB
Hayden YoungFREMedium DefenderB
Heath ChapmanFREMedium DefenderB
James AishFREMedium DefenderB
Joel HamlingFREKey DefenderB
Joel WesternFREMedium ForwardF
Josh TreacyFREKey ForwardF
Lachie SchultzFREMedium ForwardF
Leno ThomasFREMedium DefenderB
Liam HenryFREMedium ForwardF
Lloyd MeekFRERuckR
Luke RyanFREKey DefenderB
Luke ValenteFREMidfielderC
Matt TabernerFREKey ForwardF
Michael FrederickFREMedium ForwardF
Michael WaltersFREMedium ForwardF
Mitch CrowdenFREMedium ForwardF
Nat FyfeFREMidfielderC
Nathan O'DriscollFREMidfielderC
Nathan WilsonFREMedium DefenderB
Reece ConcaFREMedium DefenderB
Rory LobbFREKey ForwardF
Sam SturtFREMedium ForwardF
Sam SwitkowskiFREMedium ForwardF
Sean DarcyFRERuckR
Stefan GiroFREMidfielderC
Stephen HillFREMedium DefenderB
Taylin DumanFREMedium DefenderB
Tobe WatsonFREMedium DefenderB
Travis ColyerFREMedium ForwardF
Aiden FyfeGCFCMedium DefenderB
Alex DaviesGCFCMidfielderC
Alex SextonGCFCMedium ForwardF
Ben AinsworthGCFCMedium ForwardF
Ben KingGCFCKey ForwardF
Brandon EllisGCFCMidfielderC
Brayden FioriniGCFCMidfielderC
Caleb GrahamGCFCRuckR
Charlie BallardGCFCKey DefenderB
Chris BurgessGCFCRuckR
Connor BudarickGCFCMedium DefenderB
Darcy MacPhersonGCFCMedium ForwardF
David SwallowGCFCMidfielderC
Elijah HollandsGCFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Hewago Paul OeaGCFCMidfielderC
Hugh GreenwoodGCFCMidfielderC
Izak RankineGCFCMedium ForwardF
Jack BowesGCFCMedium DefenderB
Jack HombschGCFCKey DefenderB
Jack LukosiusGCFCMedium DefenderB
Jacob TownsendGCFCMedium ForwardF
Jarrod HarbrowGCFCMedium DefenderB
Jarrod WittsGCFCRuckR
Jeremy SharpGCFCMidfielderC
Jez McLennanGCFCMedium DefenderB
Joel JeffreyGCFCKey ForwardF
Jordan MurdochGCFCMedium DefenderB
Josh CorbettGCFCKey ForwardF
Jy FarrarGCFCKey DefenderB
Lachie WellerGCFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Luke ToweyGCFCMedium DefenderB
Malcolm RosasGCFCMedium ForwardF
Matt ConroyGCFCRuckR
Matt RowellGCFCMidfielderC
Ned MoyleGCFCRuckR
Nick HolmanGCFCMedium ForwardF
Noah AndersonGCFCMidfielderC
Oleg MarkovGCFCMedium DefenderB
Patrick MurtaghGCFCKey ForwardF
Rhys NichollsGCFCMedium DefenderB
Rory AtkinsGCFCMidfielderC
Rory ThompsonGCFCKey DefenderB
Sam CollinsGCFCKey DefenderB
Sam DayGCFCKey ForwardF
Sam FlandersGCFCMedium ForwardF
Sean LemmensGCFCMedium DefenderB
Touk MillerGCFCMidfielderC
Wil PowellGCFCMedium DefenderB
Will BrodieGCFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Zac SmithGCFCRuckR
Ben JarvisGEELMedium ForwardF
Brad CloseGEELMedium ForwardF
Brandan ParfittGEELMidfielderC
Cameron GuthrieGEELMidfielderC
Cameron TahenyGEELMedium ForwardF
Charlie ConstableGEELMidfielderC
Cooper StephensGEELMidfielderC
Darcy FortGEELRuckR
Esava RatugoleaGEELRuckR
Francis EvansGEELMedium ForwardF
Gary RohanGEELMedium ForwardF
Gryan MiersGEELMedium ForwardF
Isaac SmithGEELMidfielderC
Jack HenryGEELKey DefenderB
Jake KolodjashnijGEELKey DefenderB
Jed BewsGEELMedium DefenderB
Jeremy CameronGEELKey ForwardF
Joel SelwoodGEELMidfielderC
Jordan ClarkGEELMidfielderC
Josh JenkinsGEELKey ForwardF
Lachie HendersonGEELKey DefenderB
Luke DahlhausGEELMedium ForwardF
Mark BlicavsGEELKey DefenderB
Mark O'ConnorGEELMidfielderC
Max HolmesGEELMidfielder ForwardC,F
Mitch DuncanGEELMidfielder ForwardC,F
Nathan KreugerGEELKey DefenderB
Nick StevensGEELMedium DefenderB
Oscar BrownlessGEELMedium DefenderB
Patrick DangerfieldGEELMidfielderC
Paul TsapatolisGEELRuckR
Quinton NarkleGEELMidfielderC
Rhys StanleyGEELRuckR
Sam De KoningGEELKey ForwardF
Sam MenegolaGEELMidfielderC
Sam SimpsonGEELMedium ForwardF
Shannon NealeGEELRuckR
Shaun HigginsGEELMedium ForwardF
Stefan OkunborGEELMedium DefenderB
Tom AtkinsGEELMedium DefenderB
Tom HawkinsGEELKey ForwardF
Tom StewartGEELMedium DefenderB
Zach GuthrieGEELMedium DefenderB
Zach TuohyGEELMedium DefenderB
Adam KennedyGWSMidfielderC
Bobby HillGWSMedium ForwardF
Braydon PreussGWSRuckR
Brent DanielsGWSMedium ForwardF
Callan WardGWSMidfielderC
Callum M. BrownGWSMedium ForwardF
Cameron FleetonGWSMedium DefenderB
Connor IdunGWSMedium DefenderB
Conor StoneGWSMidfielderC
Daniel LloydGWSMedium ForwardF
Harry HimmelbergGWSKey ForwardF
Harry PerrymanGWSMedium DefenderB
Isaac CummingGWSMedium DefenderB
Jack BuckleyGWSKey DefenderB
Jacob HopperGWSMidfielderC
Jacob WehrGWSMedium DefenderB
Jake RiccardiGWSMidfielder ForwardC,F
Jake SteinGWSKey DefenderB
James PeatlingGWSMedium DefenderB
Jeremy FinlaysonGWSKey ForwardF
Jesse HoganGWSKey ForwardF
Josh KellyGWSMidfielderC
Kieren BriggsGWSRuckR
Lachie AshGWSMedium DefenderB
Lachie WhitfieldGWSMidfielderC
Lachlan KeeffeGWSKey DefenderB
Matt BuntineGWSMedium DefenderB
Matt FlynnGWSRuckR
Matt de BoerGWSMidfielder ForwardC,F
Nick HaynesGWSMedium DefenderB
Nick ShipleyGWSMidfielderC
Phil DavisGWSKey DefenderB
Ryan AngwinGWSMidfielderC
Sam J. ReidGWSMedium DefenderB
Sam TaylorGWSKey DefenderB
Shane MumfordGWSRuckR
Stephen ConiglioGWSMidfielder ForwardC,F
Tanner BruhnGWSMedium ForwardF
Tim TarantoGWSMidfielder ForwardC,F
Toby GreeneGWSMedium ForwardF
Tom GreenGWSMidfielderC
Tom HutchessonGWSMedium ForwardF
Will ShawGWSMedium DefenderB
Xavier O'HalloranGWSMidfielderC
Zach SprouleGWSKey ForwardF
Ben McEvoyHAWRuckR
Blake HardwickHAWMedium DefenderB
Chad WingardHAWMidfielder ForwardC,F
Changkuoth JiathHAWMedium DefenderB
Connor DownieHAWMidfielderC
Conor NashHAWMidfielder ForwardC,F
Damon GreavesHAWMedium DefenderB
Daniel HoweHAWMidfielderC
Denver Grainger-BarrasHAWKey DefenderB
Dylan MooreHAWMedium ForwardF
Emerson JekaHAWKey ForwardF
Finn MaginnessHAWMidfielder ForwardC,F
Harry MorrisonHAWMidfielderC
Harry PepperHAWMedium DefenderB
Jack GunstonHAWKey ForwardF
Jack SaundersHAWMidfielderC
Jack ScrimshawHAWMedium DefenderB
Jackson CallowHAWKey ForwardF
Jacob KoschitzkeHAWKey ForwardF
Jaeger O'MearaHAWMidfielderC
Jai NewcombeHAWMidfielderC
James CousinsHAWMidfielder ForwardC,F
James SicilyHAWMedium DefenderB
James WorpelHAWMidfielderC
Jarman ImpeyHAWMedium DefenderB
Jonathon CeglarHAWRuckR
Josh MorrisHAWMedium ForwardF
Keegan BrooksbyHAWRuckR
Kyle HartiganHAWKey DefenderB
Lachlan BrambleHAWMedium DefenderB
Liam ShielsHAWMidfielderC
Luke BreustHAWMedium ForwardF
Michael HartleyHAWKey DefenderB
Mitch LewisHAWKey ForwardF
Ned ReevesHAWRuckR
Oliver HanrahanHAWMedium ForwardF
Sam FrostHAWKey DefenderB
Seamus MitchellHAWMedium ForwardF
Shaun BurgoyneHAWMedium DefenderB
Tim O'BrienHAWKey ForwardF
Tom MitchellHAWMidfielderC
Tom PhillipsHAWMidfielderC
Tyler BrockmanHAWMedium ForwardF
Will DayHAWMedium DefenderB
Aaron NietschkeMELBMidfielderC
Aaron vandenBergMELBMidfielderC
Adam TomlinsonMELBKey DefenderB
Alex Neal-BullenMELBMedium ForwardF
Angus BrayshawMELBMidfielderC
Austin BradtkeMELBRuckR
Bailey LaurieMELBMidfielder ForwardC,F
Bayley FritschMELBMedium ForwardF
Ben BrownMELBKey ForwardF
Charlie SpargoMELBMedium ForwardF
Christian PetraccaMELBMidfielderC
Christian SalemMELBMedium DefenderB
Clayton OliverMELBMidfielderC
Daniel TurnerMELBKey DefenderB
Deakyn SmithMELBMedium DefenderB
Ed LangdonMELBMidfielderC
Fraser RosmanMELBMidfielder ForwardC,F
Harrison PettyMELBKey DefenderB
Jack VineyMELBMidfielderC
Jake BoweyMELBMedium DefenderB
Jake LeverMELBKey DefenderB
Jake MelkshamMELBMedium ForwardF
James HarmesMELBMidfielderC
James JordonMELBMidfielderC
Jay LockhartMELBMedium DefenderB
Jayden HuntMELBMedium DefenderB
Joel SmithMELBKey DefenderB
Kade ChandlerMELBMedium ForwardF
Kye DeclaseMELBMidfielderC
Kysaiah PickettMELBMedium ForwardF
Luke JacksonMELBRuckR
Majak DawMELBKey ForwardF
Marty HoreMELBMedium DefenderB
Max GawnMELBRuckR
Michael HibberdMELBMedium DefenderB
Mitch BrownMELBKey ForwardF
Nathan JonesMELBMidfielder ForwardC,F
Neville JettaMELBMedium DefenderB
Oskar BakerMELBMidfielderC
Sam WeidemanMELBKey ForwardF
Steven MayMELBKey DefenderB
Toby BedfordMELBMedium ForwardF
Tom McDonaldMELBKey ForwardF
Tom SparrowMELBMidfielder ForwardC,F
Trent RiversMELBMedium DefenderB
Aaron HallNMFCMedium DefenderB
Aidan CorrNMFCKey DefenderB
Aiden BonarNMFCMedium DefenderB
Atu BosenavulagiNMFCMedium DefenderB
Bailey ScottNMFCMedium ForwardF
Ben CunningtonNMFCMidfielderC
Ben McKayNMFCKey DefenderB
Cameron ZurhaarNMFCMedium ForwardF
Charlie CombenNMFCKey ForwardF
Charlie HamNMFCMedium DefenderB
Charlie LazzaroNMFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Connor MenadueNMFCMedium DefenderB
Curtis TaylorNMFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Dom TysonNMFCMidfielderC
Eddie FordNMFCMedium ForwardF
Flynn PerezNMFCMedium DefenderB
Jack MahonyNMFCMedium ForwardF
Jack ZiebellNMFCMedium DefenderB
Jacob EdwardsNMFCRuckR
Jaidyn StephensonNMFCMedium ForwardF
Jared PolecNMFCMidfielderC
Jed AndersonNMFCMidfielderC
Josh WalkerNMFCKey DefenderB
Jy SimpkinNMFCMidfielderC
Kayne TurnerNMFCMedium DefenderB
Kyron HaydenNMFCMedium DefenderB
Lachie YoungNMFCMidfielderC
Luke Davies-UniackeNMFCMidfielderC
Luke McDonaldNMFCMidfielderC
Matt McGuinnessNMFCKey DefenderB
Nick LarkeyNMFCKey ForwardF
Patrick WalkerNMFCMedium DefenderB
Phoenix SpicerNMFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Robbie TarrantNMFCKey DefenderB
Shaun AtleyNMFCMedium DefenderB
Tarryn ThomasNMFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Taylor GarnerNMFCMedium ForwardF
Todd GoldsteinNMFCRuckR
Tom CampbellNMFCRuckR
Tom PowellNMFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Trent DumontNMFCMidfielderC
Tristan XerriNMFCKey ForwardF
Will PhillipsNMFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Will WalkerNMFCMidfielder ForwardC,F
Aliir AliirPORTKey DefenderB
Boyd WoodcockPORTMedium ForwardF
Charlie DixonPORTKey ForwardF
Connor RozeePORTMedium ForwardF
Dan HoustonPORTMedium DefenderB
Darcy Byrne-JonesPORTMedium DefenderB
Dylan WilliamsPORTMedium ForwardF
Hamish HartlettPORTMedium DefenderB
Jackson MeadPORTMidfielderC
Jake PasiniPORTKey DefenderB
Jarrod LienertPORTMedium DefenderB
Jed McEnteePORTMedium ForwardF
Joel GarnerPORTMedium DefenderB
Kane FarrellPORTMidfielder ForwardC,F
Karl AmonPORTMidfielderC
Lachie JonesPORTMedium DefenderB
Martin FrederickPORTMedium DefenderB
Miles BergmanPORTMidfielderC
Mitch GeorgiadesPORTKey ForwardF
Ollie LordPORTKey ForwardF
Ollie WinesPORTMidfielderC
Orazio FantasiaPORTMedium ForwardF
Peter LadhamsPORTRuckR
Riley BonnerPORTMedium DefenderB
Robbie GrayPORTMedium ForwardF
Ryan BurtonPORTMedium DefenderB
Sam HayesPORTRuckR
Sam MayesPORTMedium ForwardF
Sam Powell-PepperPORTMidfielder ForwardC,F
Scott LycettPORTRuckR
Steven MotlopPORTMedium ForwardF
Taj SchofieldPORTMidfielderC
Todd MarshallPORTKey ForwardF
Tom ClureyPORTKey DefenderB
Tom JonasPORTKey DefenderB
Tom RockliffPORTMidfielderC
Travis BoakPORTMidfielderC
Trent BurgoynePORTMidfielder ForwardC,F
Trent McKenziePORTKey DefenderB
Tyson GoldsackPORTKey DefenderB
Willem DrewPORTMidfielderC
Xavier DuursmaPORTMidfielderC
Zak ButtersPORTMidfielder ForwardC,F
Bachar HouliRICHMedium DefenderB
Ben MillerRICHKey DefenderB
Bigoa NyuonRICHRuckR
Callum Coleman-JonesRICHKey ForwardF
Daniel RioliRICHMedium ForwardF
David AstburyRICHKey DefenderB
Derek Eggmolesse-SmithRICHMedium DefenderB
Dion PrestiaRICHMidfielderC
Dustin MartinRICHMidfielder ForwardC,F
Dylan GrimesRICHKey DefenderB
Hugo RalphsmithRICHMidfielder ForwardC,F
Ivan SoldoRICHRuckR
Jack GrahamRICHMidfielder ForwardC,F
Jack RiewoldtRICHKey ForwardF
Jack RossRICHMidfielderC
Jake AartsRICHMedium ForwardF
Jason CastagnaRICHMedium ForwardF
Jayden ShortRICHMedium DefenderB
Josh CaddyRICHMidfielderC
Kamdyn McIntoshRICHMidfielderC
Kane LambertRICHMedium ForwardF
Liam BakerRICHMedium DefenderB
Mabior CholRICHRuckR
Marlion PickettRICHMidfielderC
Mate ColinaRICHRuckR
Matthew ParkerRICHMedium ForwardF
Maurice RioliRICHMedium ForwardF
Nathan BroadRICHMedium DefenderB
Nick VlastuinRICHMedium DefenderB
Noah BaltaRICHKey DefenderB
Noah CumberlandRICHMidfielder ForwardC,F
Patrick NaishRICHMidfielder ForwardC,F
Rhyan MansellRICHMedium DefenderB
Riley Collier-DawkinsRICHMidfielderC
Ryan GarthwaiteRICHKey DefenderB
Samson RyanRICHKey ForwardF
Shai BoltonRICHMidfielderC
Shane EdwardsRICHMidfielderC
Sydney StackRICHMedium DefenderB
Thomson DowRICHMidfielder ForwardC,F
Toby NankervisRICHRuckR
Tom J. LynchRICHKey ForwardF
Trent CotchinRICHMidfielderC
Will MartynRICHMidfielder ForwardC,F
Ben LongSTKMedium DefenderB
Ben PatonSTKMedium DefenderB
Brad CrouchSTKMidfielderC
Bradley HillSTKMedium DefenderB
Callum WilkieSTKKey DefenderB
Cooper SharmanSTKKey ForwardF
Dan ButlerSTKMedium ForwardF
Dan HanneberySTKMidfielderC
Daniel McKenzieSTKMidfielderC
Darragh JoyceSTKKey DefenderB
Dean KentSTKMedium ForwardF
Dougal HowardSTKKey DefenderB
Dylan RobertonSTKMedium DefenderB
Hunter ClarkSTKMedium DefenderB
Jack BillingsSTKMidfielderC
Jack BytelSTKMidfielderC
Jack HigginsSTKMedium ForwardF
Jack LonieSTKMedium ForwardF
Jack SinclairSTKMedium DefenderB
Jack SteeleSTKMidfielderC
Jade GreshamSTKMidfielder ForwardC,F
Jake CarlisleSTKRuckR
James FrawleySTKKey DefenderB
Jarryn GearySTKMidfielderC
Jimmy WebsterSTKMedium DefenderB
Josh BattleSTKMidfielder ForwardC,F
Leo ConnollySTKMedium DefenderB
Luke DunstanSTKMidfielderC
Mason WoodSTKMedium ForwardF
Matthew AllisonSTKKey ForwardF
Max HeathSTKRuckR
Max KingSTKKey ForwardF
Nick CoffieldSTKMedium DefenderB
Oscar ClavarinoSTKKey DefenderB
Paddy RyderSTKRuckR
Paul HunterSTKRuckR
Rowan MarshallSTKRuckR
Ryan ByrnesSTKMidfielder ForwardC,F
Sam AlabakisSTKRuckR
Sebastian RossSTKMidfielderC
Shaun McKernanSTKRuckR
Tim MembreySTKKey ForwardF
Tom HighmoreSTKMedium DefenderB
Zak JonesSTKMidfielderC
Barry O'ConnorSYDMedium DefenderB
Ben RonkeSYDMedium ForwardF
Braeden CampbellSYDMedium DefenderB
Callum MillsSYDMidfielderC
Callum SinclairSYDRuckR
Chad WarnerSYDMidfielderC
Colin O'RiordanSYDMedium DefenderB
Dane RampeSYDKey DefenderB
Dylan StephensSYDMidfielderC
Errol GuldenSYDMedium ForwardF
George HewettSYDMedium DefenderB
Harry CunninghamSYDMedium DefenderB
Hayden McLeanSYDKey ForwardF
Isaac HeeneySYDMedium ForwardF
Jake LloydSYDMedium DefenderB
James BellSYDMedium ForwardF
James RowbottomSYDMidfielderC
Joel AmarteySYDKey ForwardF
Jordan DawsonSYDMedium DefenderB
Josh P. KennedySYDMidfielderC
Justin McInerneySYDMidfielderC
Kaiden BrandSYDKey DefenderB
Lachlan McAndrewSYDRuckR
Lance FranklinSYDKey ForwardF
Lewis MelicanSYDKey DefenderB
Lewis TaylorSYDMidfielder ForwardC,F
Logan McDonaldSYDKey ForwardF
Luke ParkerSYDMidfielderC
Malachy CarruthersSYDMedium DefenderB
Marc SheatherSYDMedium ForwardF
Matthew LingSYDMedium DefenderB
Nick BlakeySYDMedium DefenderB
Oliver FlorentSYDMidfielderC
Robbie FoxSYDKey DefenderB
Ryan ClarkeSYDMedium DefenderB
Sam GraySYDMedium ForwardF
Sam NaismithSYDRuckR
Sam ReidSYDKey ForwardF
Sam WicksSYDMedium ForwardF
Tom HickeySYDRuckR
Tom McCartinSYDKey DefenderB
Tom PapleySYDMedium ForwardF
Will GouldSYDMedium DefenderB
Will HaywardSYDMedium ForwardF
Aaron NaughtonWBKey ForwardF
Adam TreloarWBMidfielder ForwardC,F
Alex KeathWBKey DefenderB
Anthony ScottWBMedium ForwardF
Bailey DaleWBMedium DefenderB
Bailey SmithWBMidfielderC
Bailey WilliamsWBMedium DefenderB
Ben CavarraWBMedium ForwardF
Buku KhamisWBKey DefenderB
Caleb DanielWBMedium DefenderB
Cody WeightmanWBMedium ForwardF
Dominic BedendoWBMedium ForwardF
Easton WoodWBMedium DefenderB
Ed RichardsWBMedium DefenderB
Hayden CrozierWBMedium DefenderB
Jack MacraeWBMidfielderC
Jamarra Ugle-HaganWBKey ForwardF
Jason JohannisenWBMedium ForwardF
Jordon SweetWBRuckR
Josh BruceWBKey ForwardF
Josh DunkleyWBMidfielder ForwardC,F
Josh SchacheWBKey DefenderB
Lachie HunterWBMidfielderC
Lachlan McNeilWBMedium ForwardF
Laitham VandermeerWBMedium ForwardF
Lewis YoungWBKey DefenderB
Lin JongWBMidfielderC
Louis ButlerWBMidfielderC
Marcus BontempelliWBMidfielderC
Mitch HannanWBMedium ForwardF
Mitch WallisWBMedium ForwardF
Patrick LipinskiWBMidfielderC
Rhylee WestWBMedium ForwardF
Riley GarciaWBMedium ForwardF
Roarke SmithWBMidfielderC
Ryan GardnerWBKey DefenderB
Sam LloydWBMedium ForwardF
Stefan MartinWBRuckR
Taylor DuryeaWBMedium DefenderB
Tim EnglishWBRuckR
Toby McLeanWBMedium ForwardF
Tom LiberatoreWBMidfielderC
Will HayesWBMidfielderC
Zaine CordyWBKey DefenderB
Alex WitherdenWCEMedium DefenderB
Andrew GaffWCEMidfielderC
Bailey J. WilliamsWCERuckR
Ben JohnsonWCEMedium DefenderB
Brad SheppardWCEMedium DefenderB
Brayden AinsworthWCEMedium ForwardF
Brendon Ah CheeWCEMidfielder ForwardC,F
Callum JamiesonWCERuckR
Connor WestWCEMidfielder ForwardC,F
Daniel VenablesWCEMedium ForwardF
Dom SheedWCEMidfielderC
Elliot YeoWCEMidfielderC
Harry EdwardsWCEKey DefenderB
Isiah WinderWCEMedium ForwardF
Jack DarlingWCEKey ForwardF
Jack PetruccelleWCEMedium ForwardF
Jack ReddenWCEMidfielderC
Jackson NelsonWCEMedium DefenderB
Jake WatermanWCEMedium ForwardF
Jamaine JonesWCEMedium ForwardF
Jamie CrippsWCEMedium ForwardF
Jarrod BranderWCEMidfielderC
Jarrod CameronWCEMedium ForwardF
Jeremy McGovernWCEKey DefenderB
Josh J. KennedyWCEKey ForwardF
Josh RothamWCEKey DefenderB
Liam DugganWCEMedium DefenderB
Liam RyanWCEMedium ForwardF
Luke EdwardsWCEMidfielderC
Luke FoleyWCEMedium DefenderB
Luke ShueyWCEMidfielderC
Mark HutchingsWCEMidfielder ForwardC,F
Nathan VardyWCERuckR
Nic NaitanuiWCERuckR
Oscar AllenWCEKey ForwardF
Shannon HurnWCEMedium DefenderB
Tim KellyWCEMidfielderC
Tom BarrassWCEKey DefenderB
Tom ColeWCEMedium DefenderB
Will CollinsWCEMedium DefenderB
Willie RioliWCEMedium ForwardF
Xavier O'NeillWCEMidfielder ForwardC,F
Zac LangdonWCEMedium ForwardF
Zane TrewWCEMidfielderC



  1. TTH

    August 31, 2021 at 8:18 pm

    Cheers, most of these seem pretty reasonable but there will definitely be some F/R, F/D and D/M added.

    • Heff

      October 1, 2021 at 12:44 pm


  2. Henry

    August 31, 2021 at 8:21 pm

    Thanks for this helpful article. Surprised to see Daniel Rioli is F only and not R only.

    • Heff

      October 1, 2021 at 12:45 pm

      Surely B/F status next season.

  3. Ben

    September 2, 2021 at 12:51 pm

    Deven Robertson as a C,F is handy…
    Goodbye Dow

    • Heff

      October 1, 2021 at 12:46 pm

      Good riddance.

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