Hawthorn vs Melbourne - The Keeper League
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Marsh PPM Scores

Hawthorn vs Melbourne

We have uploaded the PPM adjusted scores for the Marsh Series game between Hawthorn and Melbourne.


J. Sicily1031116.2
J. O'Meara1021.1128.9
T. Mitchell1001.1127
J. Ceglar981.2142.2
T. Scully930.9110.9
H. Morrison890.9103.5
J. Worpel810.8101.7
I. Smith760.893.7
L. Shiels760.9103.1
J. Frawley750.788.8
J. Scrimshaw720.9102.3
L. Breust640.779.7
O. Hanrahan500.557.6
B. McEvoy500.669.7
C. Nash440.453.4
C. Wingard430.556.5
S. Burgoyne430.555.4
M. Lewis380.560
P. Puopolo380.672.1
J. Patton350.669.3
S. Frost330.336.8
J. Cousins210.676.1
C. Jiath200.781.3
B. Stratton170.221.3
D. Greaves80.565


A. Tomlinson1341.2148.1
J. Viney1141.3157.8
M. Hibberd1111.2142.4
S. May971122
E. Langdon940.9105.8
J. Harmes920.9112.2
B. Fritsch900.8101.2
J. Lever850.892.4
A. Brayshaw810.9112.9
C. Petracca780.890.5
A. Neal-Bullen770.9111
C. Oliver760.895.2
J. Lockhart700.890
J. Melksham660.780
T. McDonald500.558.7
M. Gawn501125.5
L. Jackson420.789.8
C. Spargo410.555.1
N. Jones400.891.7
N. Jetta370.450.4
O. McDonald360.340.1
S. Weideman330.451.9
T. Bedford280.890
M. Hore230.562.2
A. Vandenberg170.560.7

AF = AFL Fantasy Points
PPM = Points Per Minute
PPM * 120 = Points Per Minute multiplied by 120 minutes

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