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Podcasters Keeper League Draft Results

  • Kaes

The Podcasters Keeper League Draft went down last Friday night and after dissecting everyone’s keeper list over the last couple weeks, I thought I better take the sledgehammer to their draft selections!

As always, there were a few surprises and a few steals and hopefully you can learn from our genius or even our mistakes!

Hoofa’s A Grade

I suggested that Heff would need to go for some defenders straight up and he had no hesitations taking Burton and Redman with his first two picks. Like many others, Heff is predicting a bounce back from Joel Selwood and from the weekend it looks like he got John Noble at a steal in Round 6. Handcuffed Grundy with Cameron nice and late and overall drafted a good mix of youth and experience. A draft well done for the flag favourite.


Even though my backs were my weakest spot, I just couldn’t resist taking my boy James Rowbottom with my first pick. That decision was vindicated on the weekend and it’s officially Rowbottom szn. I was happy to secure long term keeper Sydney Stack in my defence, along with the solid Hamish Hartlett. From then I went on a big of a forward run taking Miers, Simpkin, Cunningham and Brown who all have massive upside to me. From there I just focused on younger guys who were B22 and added a couple handcuffs for Jarrod Witts. I’m very happy with my mix and should be in finals contention again.

SouthernGrizzlies CP

James was potentially a little too swayed by the ‘live’ form of Jack Lukosius on Friday night and took him with his first pick but backed that up with two great ones in Rory Atkins and Adam Tomlinson. Bolton, Bailey and Flanders look like great early picks while I think he came home really well taking consistent players like Riewoldt, Hayes and the improving Schache. Like his squad a lot.

Extended Bench Matt

I thought Matt may try and target some forwards early in the draft but his first forward selection was Jack Darling in Round 7. He took Deven Robertson at Round 1 which is probably a little high IMO but he does look like a player. Jack Scrimshaw at Round 2 is also a bit of a stretch but adding the solid MacMillan, Robinson and Hewett gives his list nice depth. Alex Sexton at Round 20 could be a genuine steal if he can get fit and the Suns can kick some goals!

Psycho Oracle

Last year’s Premiers continued to add more experience to their squad and I think Archie had a great draft. After taking Noah Anderson in Round 1, he went down the oldies path with Smith, Mayne and Rampe. Getting Ceglar in Round 4, Sam Lloyd in Round 7 and even Jeremy Finlayson in Round 11 look great value picks. Every chance to feature in the finals again with his list.


Another guy who I thought might go hard on forwards early, Sam decided to lock in the two GWS young guns with his first two picks in Ash and Green. Snelling in Round 3 looks solid, while Newnes at Round 14 looks a steal. While his forward line still looks thin with Snelling at F4 and Elliott at F5, a team with Mitchell, Dunkley and Cripps will cause plenty of coaches nightmares.

Cam’s Potatoes

Despite being a couple deep on draft night, Cam did exceptionally well IMO. Rowell at 1 is no surprise and while Acres is out for a while, he looks class at Freo. Then Tucker, Baker and Langford with his next three was great drafting, especially on the back of their Marsh form and Cam’s desperate need for forwards. Jack Ross at Round 10 and Aaron Hall at Round 12 could be steals, while we can only assume Harley Bennell at Round 15 was a bad, bad mistake. Could the Potatoes be on the rise?


Dos’ inability to distinguish between time zones meant Assistant Coach Autopick took care of his first two selections in Suckling and McEvoy but after that he really steadied the ship. Battle, Narkle, Tarryn Thomas, Ward and Cumming all look like ripper picks, while getting Dan Butler at Round 13 and Rupert Wills at Round 18 are genuine steals. Could the self-proclaimed $1.10 flag favourite actually be onto something?

Is Dom, Is Good

Christian just couldn’t resist taking Hayden Young with his first pick, which is way too early but no harm was done with Brandon Ellis going in Round 2. Polec is a handy enough payer at Round 3 while Josh Caddy at Round 7 is great forward or mid back-up. Nic Nat will provide cover for Sean Darcy and the way Harry Morrison looked on the weekend, Round 13 is a steal and if CYE gets games at Brisbane, Round 14 will also be a bargain. It is a solid side that will only improve in the future.


Reilly O’Brien was a no-brainer for Zane with Pick 2 of the draft and adding guys like Fritsch and Gould will help his ageing list. James Aish at Round 6 is very nice and if Will Setterfield can continue his weekend’s form, Round 9 is a bargain for him too. A lot of unknowns with some of the kids he’s drafted but he’s looking long term and there is plenty of young talent there.

PickHoofas A-Grade
1Ryan Burton PA - B
2Mason Redman ES - B
3Joel Selwood GE - C
4Connor Budarick GC - C,F
5Zac Fisher CA - C,F
6John Noble CW - B
7Jack Watts PA - B
8Marc Pittonet CA - R
9Trent Cotchin RI - C
10Tom Hawkins GE - F
11Taylin Duman FR - B
12Grant Birchall BL - B
13Bailey Scott NM - C,F
14Kobe Mutch ES - C
15Charlie Dixon PA - F
16Orazio Fantasia ES - F
17Darcy Cameron CW - R,F
18James Parsons GE - C
19Tom Campbell NM - R,F
20Reece Conca FR - C
1James Rowbottom SY - C,F
2Sydney Stack RI - B
3Hamish Hartlett PA - B
4Gryan Miers GE - F
5Jy Simpkin NM - C,F
6David Cuningham CA - F
7Callum Brown CW - F
8Martin Gleeson ES - B
9Jonathon Patton HW - R,F
10Peter Wright GC - R,F
11Harry Schoenberg AD - C
12Blake Hardwick HW - B
13James Cousins HW - C
14Steven May ME - B
15Ben Paton SK - B
16Harry McKay CA - F
17Zac Smith GC - R
18Steven Motlop PA - F
19Mitch Crowden FR - F
20Levi Casboult CA - B,F
PickSouthernGrizzlies CP
1Jack Lukosius GC - B,F
2Rory Atkins AD - B,C
3Adam Tomlinson ME - C
4Shai Bolton RI - F
5Zachary Bailey BL - B,C
6Sam Flanders GC - C,F
7Dom Tyson NM - C
8Marlion Pickett RI - C
9Braydon Preuss ME - R,F
10Tom Scully HW - C
11Adam Kennedy GWS - B
12Rhylee West WB - F
13Myles Poholke AD - F
14Tom Sparrow ME - F
15Jarrod Brander WC - B,F
16Wil Powell GC - C
17Jack Riewoldt RI - F
18Will Hayes WB - C
19Brandon Starcevich BL - B,C
20Josh Schache WB - F
PickExtended Bench Matt
1Deven Robertson BL - C
2Jack Scrimshaw HW - B
3Jamie MacMillan NM - B
4Mitch Robinson BL - C
5George Hewett SY - C
6Trent Rivers ME - B,C
7Jack Darling WC - F
8Charlie Curnow CA - F
9Jasper Pittard NM - B
10Cameron Zurhaar NM - F
11Finn Maginness HW - C
12Andrew Phillips ES - R
13Tim Membrey SK - F
14Liam Duggan WC - B
15Jackson Mead PA - C
16Jamie Cripps WC - F
17Tom Bellchambers ES - R
18Harrison Himmelberg GWS - R,F
19Shaun Burgoyne HW - B
20Alex Sexton GC - F
PickPsycho Oracle
1Noah Anderson GC - C
2Isaac Smith HW - C
3Chris Mayne CW - B,C
4Jonathon Ceglar HW - R,F
5Dane Rampe SY - B
6Jeremy Sharp GC - C
7Sam Lloyd WB - F
8Sam Naismith SY - R
9Conor McKenna ES - B
10Nicholas Shipley GWS - C
11Jeremy Finlayson GWS - F
12Griffin Logue FR - B
13Patrick Naish RI - C
14Patrick Wilson AD - C
15Taylor Duryea WB - B
16Luke McDonald NM - B
17David Mundy FR - C
18Callum Coleman-Jones RI - R,F
19Cale Hooker ES - B
20Ben Brown NM - F
1Lachlan Ash GWS - B,C
2Tom Green GWS - C
3Will Snelling ES - F
4Sam Menegola GE - C
5Rhys Stanley GE - R
6Jamie Elliott CW - F
7Ricky Henderson HW - C
8Will Hoskin-Elliott CW - F
9Ben Keays AD - F
10Dylan Clarke ES - C
11Alex Neal-Bullen ME - F
12Marty Hore ME - B
13Pearce Hanley GC - B
14Jack Newnes CA - C
15Jake Kelly AD - B
16Luke Davies-Uniacke NM - C,F
17Tom Liberatore WB - C
18Jarrod Harbrow GC - B
19Joe Daniher ES - F
20Chad Warner SY - C
PickCam's Potatoes
1Matthew Rowell GC - C
2Blake Acres FR - C,F
3Darcy Tucker FR - C,F
4Liam Baker RI - B,F
5Kyle Langford ES - C,F
6Dylan Stephens SY - C
7Karl Amon PA - C
8Jack Silvagni CA - F
9Peter Ladhams PA - R,F
10Jack Ross RI - C
11Jake Melksham ME - F
12Aaron Hall NM - C
13Mitchell Hibberd ES - C
14Nakia Cockatoo GE - C,F
15Harley Bennell ME - C
16Tyler Brown CW - C
17Cooper Stephens GE - C
18Brody Mihocek CW - F
19Michael Hibberd ME - B
20Kyle Dunkley ME - C,F
1Matthew Suckling WB - B
2Ben McEvoy HW - R
3Josh Battle SK - B
4Quinton Narkle GE - C
5Tarryn Thomas NM - F
6Callan Ward GWS - C
7Isaac Cumming GWS - B
8Luke Jackson ME - R
9Brayden Sier CW - C
10Mitchell Georgiades PA - F
11Stephen Hill FR - B,F
12Thomson Dow RI - C
13Dan Butler SK - F
14Bailey Dale WB - F
15Lachlan Schultz FR - F
16Tom Atkins GE - F
17Alex Keath WB - B
18Rupert Wills CW - C
19Sam Draper ES - R
20Ryan Clarke SY - C
PickIs Dom, Is Good
1Hayden Young FR - B
2Brandon Ellis GC - C
3Jared Polec NM - C
4Jye Caldwell GWS - C
5Caleb Serong FR - C
6Nic Naitanui WC - R
7Josh Caddy RI - C,F
8Bailey Williams WB - B
9Jacob Dawson GC - B
10Cameron Guthrie GE - C
11Tom Hickey WC - R
12Josh Kennedy WC - F
13Harry Morrison HW - C,F
14Cam Ellis-Yolmen BL - C
15Shane Edwards RI - B,C
16Will Day HW - B
17Sam Sturt FR - F
18Matt De Boer GWS - C
19Tom Jonas PA - B
20Ben Crocker AD - F
1Reilly O'Brien AD - R
2Adam Saad ES - B
3Bayley Fritsch ME - B,F
4Izak Rankine GC - F
5Will Gould SY - B
6James Aish FR - B
7Brodie Kemp CA - C
8Liam Henry FR - C,F
9Will Setterfield CA - C
10Luke Valente FR - C
11Jack Bytel SK - C
12Fischer Mcasey AD - B
13Nathan Jones ME - B,C
14Jay Lockhart ME - F
15Trent Bianco CW - B,C
16Willem Drew PA - C
17Matt Guelfi ES - B,C
18Tristan Xerri NM - R,F
19Sam Philp CA - C
20Cody Weightman WB - F

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