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Marsh PPM Scores

West Coast vs Essendon

Here are the points-per-minute adjusted scores for the Marsh Series match between West Coast and Essendon.

West Coast

Luke Shuey1101115.2
Dom Sheed1050.9104.9
Josh J. Kennedy930.891.8
Tim Kelly910.893
Lewis Jetta890.8101.8
Shannon Hurn840.788
Mark Hutchings730.673.8
Jamie Cripps700.672.4
Nic Naitanui640.9109.1
Liam Ryan620.561.2
Jack Redden600.780.2
Bailey J. Williams590.673.2
Liam Duggan520.453.2
Jackson Nelson520.666.5
Jake Waterman510.670.4
Brendon Ah Chee490.556.8
Nathan Vardy460.781.6
Jarrod Brander450.554.3
Jack Petruccelle440.453.9
Tom Barrass420.448.7
Will Schofield390.338.1
Anthony Treacy360.446
Francis Watson360.778.2
Tom Cole250.228.2
Hamish Brayshaw150.562.1


Will Snelling1131.3151.1
Darcy Parish1041.2139
Jordan Ridley970.899.2
Kyle Langford940.899.6
Dylan Shiel890.895.5
Devon Smith840.788
Andrew McGrath780.781.7
Aaron Francis740.673.1
Andrew Phillips710.672.6
Zach Merrett680.890.9
Brayden Ham630.668.4
Jayden Laverde590.559.6
David Zaharakis580.781.3
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti580.890
Matt Guelfi560.562.4
Michael Hurley480.675.8
Brandon Zerk-Thatcher460.448.2
Shaun McKernan460.557.9
Jacob Townsend420.555.3
Orazio Fantasia380.450.8
Martin Gleeson380.340.8
Irving Mosquito330.895.6
Cian McBride300.442.7
Harrison Jones180.339.1

AF = AFL Fantasy Points
PPM = Points Per Minute
PPM * 120 = Points Per Minute multiplied by 120 minutes

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rohan

    February 28, 2020 at 5:57 pm

    You guys didn’t seem to take the lightning delay into account with players minutes?

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