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Which stadium is the best for fantasy scoring?

When it comes to fantasy coaches trying to achieve ultimate glory, coaches are looking for every bit of data they can get their hands on to help them make the right choices. As we all know, one good or bad decision can make or break a coach’s season.

Whether it be a captain option, waiver acquisition, player trade or a weekly streamer, coaches need as much information to help them make the right choice.

While points against, position analysis and opposition analysis are all currently available, there is a clear gap when it comes to venue analysis and with COVID throwing matches to all kinds of neutral venues all across Australia, this data is just another piece of the puzzle to help fantasy coaches make those important decisions.

While it is known that places like Marvel Stadium are high-scoring places for teams like the Western Bulldogs, what does a match-up look like for them if their game gets thrown to Giants Stadium or UTAS Stadium? We’ve collated the data and made some interesting findings below.

From this data, you can clearly see that Metricon is the highest scoring stadium in 2021 by over 60 points, followed by Marvel, Optus and the MCG. The Gabba and UTAS Stadium, on the other hand, have been on the lower end of the scale.

Now, this doesn’t mean that players like Tom Mitchell won’t score high at UTAS Stadium because we all know historically he dominates at this venue. What it does tell us though is that teams as a whole generally score lower at UTAS Stadium.

Therefore, you might consider a streaming option that is playing at Metricon as opposed to UTAS or the Gabba.

This is just another piece of the puzzle for fantasy coaches chasing the ultimate prize.

This article was sent in by a listener who wishes to remain anonymous.

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