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SANFL, WAFL and VFL Fantasy Scores

SANFL, WAFL and VFL fantasy scores are a must-have resource during the fantasy season, whether you’re into AFL Fantasy Classic, Draft, and of course Keeper Leagues.


AFL listed players that dominate the reserves competitions generally are the first in line to fill a need at the elite level, should a player get injured or fall out of form. The closer we monitor these performances, the faster we can get on the waiver wire and snap them up!

Players that can score the big tons at the state league level may very well have what it takes to do the same at league level – particularly if they’re regularly busting out 120s in the lower level. It’s all about finding that diamond in the rough that could change the narrative of your season in a single trip to the waiver wire.  

With mid-season drafts here to stay, and so many unknowns in sport in Australia and around the world – keeping a close eye on the state leagues is more important than ever. We can even check in on our favourite future draftees from next year’s draft crop, gaining that early edge over our league mates.

Members of The Keeper League gain access to stats updated weekly from all the major state league competitions, including the VFL, SANFL, and the WAFL.

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