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SANFL, WAFL and VFL Fantasy Scores

SANFL, WAFL and VFL fantasy scores are a must-have resource during the fantasy season, whether you’re into AFL Fantasy Classic, Draft, and of course Keeper Leagues.



Last Round

Tom HighmoreSAN27813442000150
Tom WilsonNBA26711631000149
Joel TrudgeonCAR17179841001146
Rhys MathiesonBRI21227201020145
Matthew HansonWER25116510002138
Rory AtkinsGCS26910110000131
Tom CampbellSAN111441304311130
Mitch BrownCAS17410112066130
Trent MynottFRA161012600000128
Ryley StoddartFRA171311320001125


Brayden FioriniGCS31720.35.3510.7010132.7
Mitch RobinsonBRI316.713.78.740.30.701.71128.7
Ryan ClarkeSYD916.81775.
Lachlan McNeilFOO111104912051127
Phil DavisGWS119617111000122
Darcy FortBRI118291122420120
Will AshcroftBRI214.513.54820.500.51119
Lewis TaylorSYD920.
Jeremy SharpGCS522.
Rhys MathiesonBRI1116.

Scores By Round

Aaron ClarkeCOB2046
Aaron FrancisESS6856702267
Adam GuldenSYD462161603960
Adam KennedyGWS52
Adam SwierzbiolekCOB89543489408772102864796
Adam TomlinsonCAS696871859811073
Aidan QuigleyCAS11
Aidan WatlingSYD26
Aiden BeggCOL5064135193757580
Aiden BonarNME9359


Last Round

Riley KnightWWT2699751011160
Joseph HainesSA31912140000155
Aaron YoungNA22105151052139
Darcy BaileyGL2859502001136
Harrison WiggNA26117310001135
Matt CrouchAD13293623010129
Travis SchillerCD13157520020124
Andrew McPhersonAD2468320000122
Matthew AllenGL17107630001120
Patrick FairlieWA81841010010119


Reilly O'BrienAD11819113124210180
Riley KnightWWT1017.
Harrison WiggNA1024.57.973.
Matt CrouchAD31324.74.75.722.700.30.3121.3
Nikolaus RokahrNW1120.585.25.811.200.40.4116.2
Sam BerryAD212.514.54821.5011115
Steven MotlopPA12095301021115
Kieran StrachanAD1012.
Aaron YoungNA1118.411.
Brett TurnerGL414.59.84.860.2101.50.5108

Scores By Round

Aaron YoungNA1059814178571141291608995139
Abe DavisST4644596394856626994729
Adam DeakinCD29336618
Aidan TurnerPA56
Aiden GraceCD5037528655354058504366
Alex MartiniGL252754694152425775
Alex SpinaNA10110810866927694588696
Amos DoyleST676060917689648465
Andrew BradleyGL74681097679646083478960
Andrew McPhersonAD34665091122


Blaine BoekhorstEF30107913012167
Aaron BlackWP23715111041155
Harry EdwardsWC21923112000149
Milan MurdockEF121741370000141
Jesse TurnerSD21267001011140
Patrick NaishWC20514100021129
Shane NelsonWP27103430000129
Tobe WatsonSD12197621011125
Stefan GiroSU20171620000123
Hamish BrayshawEP18157501000122


Alex WitherdenWC223.56.5140.50.51.5001124.5
Jesse TurnerSD1018.514.
Jake FlorencaSF713.316.
Mark HutchingsWP117103610020117
Aaron BlackWP918.
Jye BoltonCL921.611.
Hamish BrayshawEP1016.911.
Kyle BaskervilleEF514.615.
Milan MurdockEF1012.615.
Blaine BoekhorstEF1019.

Scores By Round

Aaron BlackWP1161069711592132120119155
Aaron BremanSU549058577267393954
Aaron HealSU58674163403298844243
Abraham ClinchSU7542
Aidan ClarkeSD10115296841021111089990
Aidan LynchWP7991959290
Aiden HallSF78763055
Ajang AjangPE824884486345
Alec JohnsonWP33
Alex PearceCL45

AFL listed players that dominate the reserves competitions generally are the first in line to fill a need at the elite level, should a player get injured or fall out of form. The closer we monitor these performances, the faster we can get on the waiver wire and snap them up!

Players that can score the big tons at the state league level may very well have what it takes to do the same at league level – particularly if they’re regularly busting out 120s in the lower level. It’s all about finding that diamond in the rough that could change the narrative of your season in a single trip to the waiver wire.  

With mid-season drafts here to stay, and so many unknowns in sport in Australia and around the world – keeping a close eye on the state leagues is more important than ever. We can even check in on our favourite future draftees from next year’s draft crop, gaining that early edge over our league mates.

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