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State League Fantasy Scores

State league fantasy scores are a must-have resource during the fantasy season, whether you’re into AFL Fantasy Classic, Draft, and of course Keeper Leagues.



Last Round

Lachie FogartyCA18961231003141
Rhylee WestWB16112940030134
Patrick NaishRI19135641010129
Andrew PhillipsCA14782232732128
Jack BytelSK121671123000126
Will HayesWB22109200000121
Oliver HanrahanHW18185301010120
Samson RyanRI7736613720120
Will MartynRI1799500001117
Kade AnswerthNM17103910000117


Liam StockerCA130813200010159
Brayden HamES123134631021144
Tom GreenGWS124176300010142
Lachie FogartyCA118961231003141
Daniel HoweHW2201565.51101.50137
Luke DunstanSK42115.563.232.5021133.5
Cameron Ellis-YolmenBL314.316.77.770.7000.31131
Tyler RoosNM418.515.8941.21000.2128.5
Andrew PhillipsCA114782232732128
Jeremy FinlaysonGWS116611220134126

Scores By Round

Aaron BlackGE587852716570675984
Aaron FrancisES71
Aaron GundryCA4552
Aaron vandenBergME11311290100
Abraham AnkersES72
Adam GuldenSY578665472078104
Aiden BonarNM86
Aiden DomicGC52
Aiden FyfeGC717190699747804
Aiden HareNM70


Last Round

Sam MayesPA111541013000107
Sam BerryAD7831531000106
Martin FrederickPA1213742100098
Hamish HartlettPA914372201195
Kieran StrachanAD1042453390095
Jarrod LienertPA192810000089
Cam SutcliffePA189411301187
Tom ClureyPA1401130100084
Dylan WilliamsPA101550103183
Boyd WoodcockPA1413500200178


Kieran StrachanAD1610.
Tom LynchAD214.58630.50020.5102.5
Riley BonnerPA521.
Jackson HatelyAD1013.
Sam MayesPA812.8143.
Hamish HartlettPA611.510.53.8821.800.50.298.7
Xavier DuursmaPA214.575.552.51.501098
Sam Powell-PepperPA511123.85.611010.695.4
Billy FramptonAD1013.
James RoweAD313.71062.721.700.7191.7

Scores By Round

Andrew McPhersonAD871215382
Bailey MarshmanAD184127
Bailey NicholasPA17
Ben DavisAD36573932464666776771519015
Ben EdwardsPA27747962595037823958
Ben SaltAD3627318
Billy FramptonAD13977929060617793125128
Boyd WoodcockPA79106419360938612072256116678
Brayden CookAD44422251532027666698645446
Cam SutcliffePA69621407511691765290719687


Last Round

Hamish BrayshawWC2164920000125
Ben JohnsonWC2545102010102
Mitch CrowdenFR89790000099
Brady HoughFR193903001099
Brayden AinsworthWC1713420000097
Lloyd MeekFR655210430095
Benjamin HancockFR145560000192
Tyrone ThorneFR1310541000091
Nathan O'DriscollFR89372001087
Harry SinclairWC96562101184


Jackson NelsonWC22174.56.521010.5122
Mark HutchingsWC817.
Alex WitherdenWC721.
Connor WestWC31510.755.72.71.700.30.7104.3
Blake AcresFR1111664021001104
Josh TreacyFR29.55.56.541.51.51331104
Luke ShueyWC111137510000101
Brady HoughFR1193903001099
Jake WatermanWC413.
Josh RothamWC1176920000098

Scores By Round

Alex PearceFR73759
Alex WitherdenWC62107100100121106144
Bailey BanfieldFR675335649198
Bailey J. WilliamsWC46348610968506475135
Ben FitzgeraldWC3311492165
Ben HowlettFR716512753106695873
Ben JohnsonWC4765658594467455407367429391102
Ben MiddletonFR3455632621
Benjamin HancockFR461029311813099828695501051291079069959892
Blair BellFR257860118578345595233255491767267

AFL-listed players that dominate the reserves competitions generally are the first in line to fill a need at the elite level, should a player get injured or fall out of form. The closer we monitor these performances, the faster we can get on the waiver wire and snap them up!

Players that can score the big tons at the state league level may very well have what it takes to do the same at league level – particularly if they’re regularly busting out 120s in the lower level. It’s all about finding that diamond in the rough that could change the narrative of your season in a single trip to the waiver wire.  

With mid-season drafts here to stay, and so many unknowns in sport in Australia and around the world – keeping a close eye on the state leagues is more important than ever. We can even check in on our favourite future draftees from next year’s draft crop, gaining that early edge over our league mates.

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