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Pre-season 2021: Practice Matches & Podcasters Draft Results

Here’s a monster episode! This week we recap all of the practice matches played...

Pre-season 2021: Keeper League Draft Rankings

Here are our keeper league draft rankings for 2021! In this episode, Heff and...

Pre-season 2021: Sydney, West Coast and Western Bulldogs

Join us for our last team analysis podcast for the 2021 pre-season! This week...

Pre-season 2021: Port Adelaide, Richmond & St Kilda

Join us for another episode of the 2021 pre-season! In this episode, we take...


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ACS PPM Scores 2021

Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

ACS PPM Scores 2021

West Coast vs Fremantle

ACS PPM Scores 2021

Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

ACS PPM Scores 2021

GWS vs Sydney

ACS PPM Scores 2021

Geelong vs Essendon