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Love free AFL Fantasy points? Kick-ins provide fantasy coaches with just that.

It’s the easiest +3 you can ask for, and it’s been made even easier in recent years with a bigger kick-in square to work with, and no need for players to kick to themselves before sneaking out for a cheeky stat.

Getting those freebies from our AFL Fantasy defenders is crucial and can even transform a player who’s barely fantasy relevant into being a fieldable option, and players who are already pretty good into fantasy stars.  


Advanced Kick-in Stats

Jack ZiebellB,FNM146757.193.534.3-2.7
Luke RyanBFR1286.76570.846.3-0.4
Shannon HurnBWC996.660.292.112.7-3.9
Jake LloydBSY133659.398.8671
Alex WitherdenBWC54663.489.3760
Daniel RichBBL1415.960.194.477.31.4
Isaac CummingBGWS1405.852.577.354-1.8
Bailey DaleB,FWB1345.254.594.265-0.2
Jayden ShortBRI1155.250.983.133.7-1.5
Jordan RidleyBES1125.150.697.143.3-1.8

Tot – Season total kick-ins
Avg. – Average kick-ins per round
Club% – Percentage of kick-ins for club
PO% – Play on percentage
LG – Last game kick-ins
L3Avg – Average kick-ins in their last three games
L3vsAvg – Average kick-ins in their last three games vs average kick-ins per round

Kick-ins by Round

Jack ZiebellB,FNM1071051495566748687886437
Luke RyanBFR9874384610844798107846.7
Shannon HurnBWC513509998145863416.6
Alex WitherdenBWC9656827476
Jake LloydBSY6115386756457354114669666
Daniel RichBBL7646298645168777496437875.9
Isaac CummingBGWS610645694388497725631332555.8
Jayden ShortBRI105852665954602584594435.2
Bailey DaleB,FWB311253572359569898546763665.2
Jordan RidleyBES71013111435331784637332445.1

Percentage of Team Kick-ins

Luke RyanBFR6457545760676786676757507060576770808065.1
Steven MayBME6086500585733628082626478607171711008910050178064.4
Alex WitherdenBWC90677155802258577063.3
Shannon HurnBWC5081100060606989705680753867860.2
Daniel RichBBL64676746226957554471255089887064409075673378535860.1
Jake LloydBSY605045384760447150294264605650926760100100467559.4
Jack ZiebellB,FNM67546742826071507567444057676758577343362357.1
Bailey DaleB,FWB2711113362274554501005682458669676980625760586025754354.4
Isaac CummingBGWS75505580564360443373534075645440625530764322383852.5
Jayden ShortBRI7171534533605042824536500252989501006950402750.8

Play On Percentage

Christian SalemBME100100100100100100100100100100100100100100100100100100100100100
Trent McKenzieBPA100100100100100100100100100100100100100100100
Trent RiversBME100100100100100100100100100100100100100100
Jackson NelsonBWC100100100100100100100100100100100
Riley BonnerBPA100100100100100100100100100100
Brad SheppardBWC100100100100100100100100
James AishB,CFR100100100100100100100
Dane RampeBSY100100100100100100
Nick MurrayBAD100100100100100100
Josh RothamBWC100100100100100

Gaining an understanding of which players are the top-dogs when it comes to kick-ins can be valuable on the waiver-wire, and even when deciding who to keep and cut, or looking at potential fantasy gold when a kick-in king is injured or retired – and who’s next in line for the role.

At The Keeper League, we understand the importance of this stat.

Our members can enjoy weekly kick-in stats, all season long – including advanced numbers such as play on percentage, percentage of team kick-ins, and kick-ins by round.

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