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Draftee Fantasy Scores 2021

Draftee numbers are crucial to every AFL Fantasy coach’s tool kit.

Keeper leagues, in particular, have to constantly find the next young start to freshen up an aging list – or kick-start a rebuild.

Draft and Classic coaches can also benefit from draftee scores to find those potential mature age recruits that could have an instant impact and to learn more about which rookies have the best chance for job security early in the season.


National Draft

1NMJason Horne-FrancisSANFL League2011.
2WBSam DarcyNAB League312.33.76.3160.310.3072.7
3GWSFinn CallaghanNAB League61311.
4CWNick DaicosNAB League522.
5GCMac AndrewNAB League66.
6ADJoshua RacheleNAB League413.
7HWJosh WardNAB League515.614.65.24.800.6100.4108.8
8FRJye AmissWAFL Colts158.
9RIJoshua GibcusNAB League107.
10FRNeil ErasmusWAFL Colts417.210.87.8401.
11SKNasiah Wanganeen-MileraSANFL Reserves811.
12PAJosh SinnNAB League512.653.42000.80.20.465.2
13ESBen HobbsNAB League614.210.82.7501.81.30.7195
14WCCampbell ChesserNAB League3108.331.700.
15GWSLeek AlleerSANFL League116.
16BLDarcy WilmotNAB League79.162.72.300.71.10.1054.9
17RITom BrownNAB League5115.851.400.20.200.265
18SYAngus SheldrickWAFL Colts918.
19MEJacob Van RooyenWAFL Colts99.
20BLKai LohmannNAB League98.374.73.300.

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