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AFL Fantasy Projections

AFL Fantasy projections help you pick the perfect captain and find the right streamer with ease.


Ollie WinesCPARIAO10677.786748489.79067.799100
Sam NaismithRRIPAAO950969600989899100
Sam DochertyCCAGWSMRVL80104.59510013612011211099100
Jake LloydBSYMESCG7889.792988197.310585.799100
Hayden YoungBFRHWMCG9189.210494102110.5989598100
Scott PendleburyCCWESMCG1228811099858010296.398100
Mason WoodCSKBLG10591.61091098980.37356.798100
Sam FlandersC,FGCNMBA12589.61031046955.7828298100
Shai BoltonC,FRIPAAO12486.8858610383.77176.397100
Tom AtkinsCGEWBGS10379.91028688778089.797100
Keidean ColemanBBLSKG9769.694856070.710597.797100
Darcy ParishCESCWMCG96106.91071049490.7125113.396100
Ben AinsworthFGCNMBA10774.184809491.7696996100
Luke Davies-UniackeCNMGCBA10797.41031106686.38296.796100
Nick DaicosB,CCWESMCG37108.8739314099.73788.795100
Christian PetraccaCMESYSCG75106931009988.39891.595100
Tim TarantoCRIPAAO89112.496961459910910695100
Jack VineyCMESYSCG1051001101116381777795100
Mitch DuncanBGEWBGS11591.398969071858894100
Tom LiberatoreCWBGEGS22103.388100121111.39890.394100

Our complex algorithms (developed by Hollywood Heff) aim to help you make better decisions for your AFL Fantasy side with round-by-round projections based on the matchup, points for and against, and scoring history for every player in the competition.

Tweaking the formula over the past couple of seasons, our projections can be used with even greater confidence heading into 2022 – helping you bring home your home league’s flag.

Also a great option for coaches that dabble in daily fantasy sports (DFS).

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