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Ask Kaes (First Edition)

While we may be in the Fantasy off-season, I know lots of coaches don’t switch off and always have questions brewing in their heads, so I thought I’d try and help!

I put a shout out for fantasy questions on my Twitter account and hopefully I can help some of our great listeners!


I own Fiorini in 2 leagues. I can’t see him breaking back into the side where he gets the inside role again. Unfortunately, he won’t get his true worth in a trade and he’s too good to delist. How long do I hold? One more season?” @_russ2468

Ouch. Goatorini he ain’t. 

This might be a spicy take but Fiorini is now in the ‘Blakely Zone’ 

How many coaches kept Blakely for the same reasons this year?

It was a complete waste of time for his 5 games at 51. Like Blakely, Fiorini is on the outer. The Suns even recruited a player like Ratkins, which puts Brayden even further down the pecking order.

I’d be delisting him and make him someone else’s problem.

And before you get too upset. Just remember, he’s not too good to delist if he’s playing in the 2’s all year.

Hogan’s Hero

“What’s Hogan’s value ? I assume he’s no hero. Will he break out ? Or be stuck in stalag13 forever ? I tried to work it out but I know nothink!” @time_millar

Ahh, what to do with Jesse! This is a real conundrum for Hogan owners and one that most coaches feel like they won’t be able to win.

Everyone knows that Hogan didn’t have the best time back in his home state over the last couple years. He averaged 66.1 and 48.7 in his two seasons at the Dockers, only managing 19 games.

That form is a long way away from his 89 point average in 2018 where he was one of the best forward options in the game.

Let’s be honest. His best is great but he hasn’t looked anywhere near that for two years and to answer your question. He has no value. 

It’s doubtful anyone would trade for him and if you keep him it could be a decision you strongly regret. 

If I was a current owner, I’d be chucking him back in the pool and if you actually believe he can turn it around, he’ll easily be available to grab again mid to late in a keeper draft. 

Forward Thinking

We all know FWDS are the hardest positions to fill. So who are some players likely to have Fwd status we should be keeping an eye on! (Esp ones who aren’t #2g4p)” @dj4brooks

My gut feel is that forwards will be hardest hit in 2021 with guys like Whitfield, Petracca, Greenwood, Brayshaw, Simpkin and B Smith all likely to lose it.

So who is left and who should be on your radar?

Danger is the big fish I feel will get the call up but apart from him it might be slim pickings. Sidebottom and Zorko got additions in AFL Fantasy late in 2020 and could be a chance to retain as well.

If Jye Caldwell keeps DPP, look out for him to be a very good forward option in 2021 and one guy I am really big on is Ben Ainsworth. If he remains fit he could be a Top 10-20 forward in 2021.   

Rozee, Zurhaar and Stephenson are three others due to changes in their teams circumstances who I’d be looking at very closely for big bumps in 2021.

Best 22 Brayden

“Thoughts on Sier and (Jordan) Clark if you could only keep one, would’ve thought Clark based on talent but with Treloar and Phillips gone, is Sier now best 22.” @jakeythemac

If the question is, ‘who is the better player,’ it’s easily Clark in my opinion. How the Cats treated him in 2020 was criminal. 

If the question is, ‘who will be the better player long term,’ it’s still Clark. 

However, if the question is, ‘who will get the most opportunity in 2021,’ I think it’s Sier.

If he doesn’t crack their team next year he never will. With Treloar out and his nemesis Rupert Wills gone, 2021 is his best chance to establish himself in the Pies midfield. On the other hand, Clark now has to contend with Higgins and Smith. 

Clark still is a chance to blossom in 2021 and could end up being a star but it depends if your premiership window is open next year on who you choose.

Giant Mouths to Feed

“Can Tom Green and Jacob Hopper coexist and score well in the same team?” @Bagles4

They can definitely coexist and I believe Green is now firmly entrenched in the Giants Best 22 thanks to a few players vacating the side in the off season (mainly Caldwell & Hately). 

Will they both score well together is the big question. In a perfect world I can’t see why not. 

Despite Hopper dropping off a tad in 2020, his best is still well and truly ahead of him and I think we need to be a little patient with Green who is only entering his second season of AFL.   

Green has all the makings of a fantasy star but I think owners just need to wait a year or two to see the best of him.

What to do with Buddy and Burto

“What do you think Buddy can dish up this year? And can Burton get on the park…” @Churto5

Buddy is cooked. He’ll be 34 at the start of the 2021 season and hasn’t had a competitive game of footy in over 18 months. That kind of form does not bode well for big or regular scores. 

Back in 2018, he only played 10 games and averaged 70 points and to be honest, I reckon that’s his line in 2021. Sure he’ll have some big games but he won’t play anywhere near a full season. 

He’s another player I think you could get very, very cheap in a keeper draft and should only be taken if you think your side is in flag contention.

As for Mr Burton…. As an owner I pray he gets on the park. For me, he is a massive SELL if you can.

His best is sensational but his body just keeps letting him down. Even at Port, who are renowned for their strength and conditioning program, he couldn’t get a full season in. 

There will always be one guy in your league who is desperate for a decent defender and he is the guy you should be talking to.   

New Year, New Man

“What’s Nick Newman worth in a 30 keeper league? Feel like it’s just a sit and hold for another year.” @mattjpmuscat

In a 30 keeper league he’s definitely a hold. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the Blues line up at full strength this year.

I still think Newman is Best 22 despite their handy acquisitions. 

When you’re keeping 30 players, he’s definitely worth a spot in your side, even if you were only keeping say 16 I think he’s still a keeper on previous form.

Just give him a bit of time to get back to his best after his knee injury and reassess at the end of 2021. 

I’ve got Friends in all the Right Places

How does a random person (like me) get involved in a keeper league when friends don’t follow Fantasy?” @NinjaSpoon1

Great question! Believe me, you won’t be alone either!

This is a great question for a shameless Keeper League Membership plug. 

Our Gold Members Facebook group is stacked full of fantasy diehards and is a great place to join or startup a new keeper league. Sign up and we’ll put you in touch with other legends who love the game as much as we do!

Got a Question for Kaes? Hit him up at @TKLKaes on Twitter. Or join as a Keeper League Member! Sign up here!

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