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Pre-season 2024: Club News, Trade Reviews, and Keeper Selections – AFL Fantasy

In this week’s episode of The Keeper League podcast, we’re thrilled to have Aaron Bryans from Adelaide’s ABC Grandstand join us for an in-depth exploration of the latest AFL fantasy keeper league news. We provide a detailed club-by-club analysis, highlighting crucial injury reports, significant role changes, and key team selection issues as the new season looms. Our comprehensive coverage ensures you’re well-prepared with strategic insights and up-to-date information. In a special segment, we dive into trade reviews, analyzing submissions sent in by our listeners. We break down the winners and losers of these trades, providing our perspective to help you evaluate your own trade opportunities. Additionally, we delve into keeper selections, also submitted by our listeners, offering advice to guide you in making those critical decisions on who to hold onto for the upcoming season.  Tune in for this episode’s rich blend of expert analysis, practical tips, and Aaron’s unique perspective, all designed to give you an edge in your AFL fantasy keeper league preparations.

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