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Richmond Tigers – AFL Fantasy Analysis 2024

Richmond’s transition into a new chapter has begun, marking the commencement of a challenging rebuild with an eye toward the future. With a fresh coaching perspective, Richmond’s game plan is set to undergo some changes. However, it raises a pertinent question for fantasy football enthusiasts: with a noticeable lack of emerging young talent at Richmond, how will this affect AFL Fantasy selections? Despite the current scarcity of standout young players, some members of Richmond’s squad may find themselves adapting to new roles on the field, presenting fantasy managers with an intriguing challenge to uncover hidden gems. As Richmond embarks on this journey of change, both the club and its supporters are filled with anticipation for the seasons ahead. In this article, we’ll delve into identifying potential fantasy prospects amidst Richmond’s evolving team.

The Undervalued

Dion Prestia

Dion Prestia’s career has been notably hampered by a persistent injury struggle, often sidelining him and limiting his impact on the field. When fit, Prestia has demonstrated the ability to consistently deliver performances averaging around the 80 mark in fantasy scoring. With the recent retirement of Trent Cotchin, there’s a possibility that Prestia could step up to become a senior midfield figure for Richmond once again. However, it’s important to temper expectations regarding his fantasy output; even in an injury-free scenario, Prestia’s best days of fantasy scoring seem to be in the past. If all goes well and he manages to stay off the injury list, a realistic expectation would be for him to maintain an average close to 80, but nothing more.

Jack Graham

The arrival of Adam Yze as Richmond’s new coach introduces a fascinating dynamic, particularly in how he plans to utilize Jack Graham this season. In recent years, Graham has primarily been deployed as a midfielder-forward, valued for his pressure inside the attacking 50 and occasionally shifted into the midfield for specific tasks. However, the prospect of Graham transitioning into a full-time midfielder under Yze’s guidance presents an intriguing scenario. Such a move could make Graham a valuable asset, especially considering he is currently classified as a forward in AFL Fantasy. While it’s not certain that this shift will occur, it’s something to keep an eye on during the preseason.

The Breakout Contenders

Jack Ross

Jack Ross is poised to secure a regular spot on one of the wings at Richmond this season, a role that should lend greater consistency to his game. While I don’t envision Ross as a top-tier scorer, he has the potential to post respectable numbers. If he honed his skills and cemented his place in the Richmond lineup, we could see him maintaining a solid average in the range of 80 to 90 in the future. His development into a reliable player for the team could make him a steady contributor in AFL Fantasy circles.

Thomson Dow

Thomson Dow is at a pivotal juncture in his AFL career, with the 2024 season presenting him a potential opportunity to secure more midfield time and become a key player for Richmond. This shift could see Dow emerge as a valuable fantasy football scorer, especially if he embraces the increased responsibility and playing time. However, there’s a cautionary note to be considered when comparing him to his brother, Paddy Dow, who has shown to be a disappointment in his career so far. So while there’s optimism among Richmond fans about Dow stepping up in the absence of Trent Cotchin, and possibly filling a significant midfield role, fantasy coaches need to keep an eye on his development and role in the team during the preseason before making an assessment.

The Stash Options

Tyler Sonsie

In the realm of AFL Fantasy, Tyler Sonsie presents an interesting case. As a junior, he was a decent, though not exceptional, fantasy scorer. This history suggests that in the right role, Sonsie might offer some AFL Fantasy value, particularly if he secures more game time and develops further. However, it’s important to note the broader context at Richmond: the club currently lacks a strong pool of emerging young talent to discuss in fantasy terms. Sonsie, therefore, represents one of the more promising options among Richmond’s younger players, but expectations should be tempered. He could be a speculative pick in deeper leagues or a stash candidate for the future, but he’s not yet a proven asset at AFL level​.


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