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Sydney Swans – AFL Fantasy Analysis 2024

This AFL Fantasy article focuses on keeper league prospects from the Sydney Swans. Just one year after a Grand Final appearance, the Sydney Swans found themselves sliding down the eight in the unpredictable currents of the 2023 AFL season. A recalibration was clearly in the cards, and the Swans’ response was to dive headfirst into the trade period, with a keen focus on bolstering their midfield ranks. This strategic pivot hints at significant shifts in the team’s dynamics, potentially reshaping the fantasy landscape for keen-eyed coaches in keeper leagues. As Sydney sets its sights on climbing the ladder once more, fantasy aficionados should be on high alert for undervalued breakout contenders and stash-worthy prospects emerging from this period of transformation. With the Swans’ lineup poised for evolution, identifying these sleeper picks could be the key to long-term fantasy success. Let’s delve into the Swans’ refreshed roster and unearth the hidden gems that might just outperform their current fantasy valuations.

The Undervalued

Taylor Adams

Taylor Adams, after being pushed out of Collingwood’s midfield and ending the 2023 season with an injury, has made the move to Sydney, likely in search of both more midfield time and a secure future contract. Sydney has promised him a role in the midfield where he’s expected to start in 2024. Importantly for AFL fantasy coaches, Adams is classified as a forward, a position with limited options in 2024, making him a valuable pick. Though his age, now over 30, might limit his scoring potential compared to his peak years, Adams could still maintain an average between 80 to 85 with increased opportunity. This makes him a good choice for keeper league and draft coaches looking for reliable forward options.

Brodie Grundy

Let’s face it, if Brody Grundy had been the sole ruck at Melbourne, his fantasy average last season would’ve soared way above the 75 mark and he’d be way too good for our podcast. Now, as he transitions to Sydney, where he’s poised to reclaim his throne as the primary ruck, expectations are sky-high. Sydney’s smaller ground plays to Grundy’s strengths, allowing him to cover more turf and rack up possessions alongside his ruck duties. I’m seeing, and frankly, I’m not surprised, Grundy being snapped up early in keeper league drafts. And why not? Over the past decade, he’s consistently been among the elite AFL fantasy scorers. So, go ahead and draft Grundy with full confidence; he’s set to make a significant impact at Sydney, both on the field and in fantasy leagues.

James Jordon

James Jordon’s move to the Sydney Swans for the 2024 season makes him an intriguing fantasy prospect. Hindered by limited midfield opportunities at Melbourne, behind a star-studded trio, his average dipped significantly last year. However, his potential for increased midfield time at Sydney, coupled with his forward status, positions him as a valuable asset in AFL Fantasy, particularly in a year where forward options are scarce. Despite concerns about Sydney’s packed midfield, Jordon’s demonstrated scoring ability in the VFL and his proven performance when attending more than 10 centre bounces per game hint at a likely uptick in his fantasy output. His classification as a forward only adds to his appeal, making him a compelling choice for coaches looking for value picks. While the competition for midfield spots at Sydney and the possibility of a wing role could cap his scoring, Jordon’s overall potential makes him a worthy consideration for fantasy coaches aiming to maximize their team’s performance.

The Breakout Contenders

Braeden Campbell

Braeden Campbell showed glimpses of being a breakout star last season, hinting at his potential in AFL Fantasy. Initially drafted as an inside midfielder during his junior years, Campbell has since been utilized in various roles at Sydney, notably in defense and on the wing. With Dylan Stephens’ departure from the team, there’s a strong possibility Campbell might step into the vacant wing position. However, from an AFL fantasy perspective, this could be the least favorable outcome, as wingers generally struggle to rack up significant scores in the modern game. Ideally, seeing Campbell operate from the halfback flank, leveraging his skills in a rebounding role, would be more beneficial, although Sydney’s backline is currently quite congested. Another tantalizing prospect is Campbell returning to his roots as an inside midfielder, but given Sydney’s depth in that area, this transition might not occur. Despite the uncertainties surrounding his role, Campbell’s talent is undeniable, and he’s poised to make a significant impact in the future. For those in keeper leagues, he’s worth drafting, with his long-term value hinging on the specific role he secures within the Swans’ lineup.

The Stash Options

Angus Sheldrick & Matt Roberts

Angus Sheldrick and Matt Roberts are seen as key future midfield contributors for the Sydney Swans. Roberts was given a chance to prove himself early in the last season but was sidelined by injury, preventing us from seeing his full capabilities. Sheldrick, on the other hand, enjoyed a significant run in the midfield during last year, although this was largely due to Callum Mills getting injured. With Sydney’s midfield becoming even more competitive in 2024, it’s uncertain if Sheldrick will receive the same level of opportunity as he did last year. The enhanced midfield depth, particularly with the addition of Taylor Adams and the presence of veterans like Luke Parker, suggests a waiting period for both Sheldrick and Roberts before they become key figures. They’re likely to emerge as more central players for Sydney once the current senior players step back. For those involved in keeper leagues, Sheldrick and Roberts are worth considering for their potential in the future rather than immediate fantasy output.

Jaiden Magor

I haven’t seen much of Jaiden Magor in action, so it’s hard to fully gauge his potential at the AFL level. As an underage player, he was known to be quite the fantasy football talent. However, being overlooked in the main draft and picked up in the rookie draft in 2022 raises some questions about his ability to play at the senior level. If he can replicate his junior scoring prowess in the senior ranks, Magor might prove to be a valuable stash for the future. It’s a “wait and see” scenario, but one for keeper league coaches to keep an eye on, just in case he breaks through one day.

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