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CBA Analysis – Round 1

CBAs – Centre Bounce Attendances – are a statistic that measure the amount of times a player is present at a centre bounce at the beginning of a quarter or following a goal. A player that has a high attendance rate at CBAs is around the footy more and (in most cases) in a more fantasy-friendly midfield role. 

Analyze the CBAs from round 1 in the user-friendly table below and check out the four players I’ve got on my watchlist for AFL Fantasy.

Sam Draper (27 CBAs – 90% attendance) | 78 AFL Fantasy 

Hey, if you believe in small sample sizes – rucks might well be dead. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to field them in our keeper squads! Draper was impressive in his first game of 2021, illustrating he can shoulder the number one ruck mantle for a full 20-minute quarter game. The 22-year-old played 84% time on ground (TOG), burying any concern over Nic-Nat-ish playing time following his early-career ACL injury. He’s got an aggressive, exciting, X-Factor edge to his game that – coupled with his tantalising athleticism and ruck craft – should make him a fun keeper for years to come. 

Tom Powell (8 CBAs – 27% attendance) |  68 AFL Fantasy

Tom Powell played more like a 10-year veteran than a first game player in his promising debut. Despite not putting up huge fantasy numbers (thanks to modest TOG and CBA numbers), the 13th pick in the 2020 draft had numerous highlight plays straight out of the gates – including a goal with his first kick, a lace out bullet running at full speed, and a chase-down tackle on Aliir Aliir. According to Fantasy Freako, after receiving more midfield minutes in the second half, Powell ranked 3rd on the ground for disposals per minute. 

Jaidyn Stephenson (10 CBAs – 33% attendance) |  128 AFL Fantasy

North’s new recruit sits as the second-best forward in AFL Fantasy after our glorious one-game sample. Stephenson is THE buzz name in Classic circles – for good reason. He had a juicy role, doing what he wanted on a wing and getting around the ball with double-digit CBAs. The concern is that the Roos were missing three big names that are in their core midfield group; Cunnington, Anderson and Dumont. That’s a lot of disposals coming back in the team soon and given the team’s lack of forward-line punch, do we see Stephenson return to his goal-kicking forward role? You can’t lose either way with his 29 breakeven in Classic and nice fixture, but monitor the CBAs and forward mix in the coming weeks to find out if he’s truly a top-tier forward.

Adam Treloar (2 CBAs – 10% attendance) | 59 AFL Fantasy 

Why is Treloar in this article when he had a modest 59 AFL Fantasy points and just two CBAs in his Dogs debut? VALUE! The former Pie now has a 748k price tag and a 148 breakeven in Classic, meaning he could be cheap as chips in a couple of rounds time. By then, he would’ve built some match fitness running on the wing and be ready for Bevo to unleash him on the inside – where he’s flourished as a dominant clearance player his entire career. Keep an eye on this article for when he gets the bump, and pounce at his discounted price within a team that recorded the highest disposal count – by a significant margin – in the opening round. 

As it’s the opening round, a little bonus content: Here are my top 5 names with HIGH attendance that are tempting in AFL Fantasy Classic (relevant to The Point of Difference Podcast) given their early role: 

  1. Rory Laird – if you weren’t on before, jump on now! Positional change into the guts is here to stay and available as a defender. 
  2. Tom Mitchell – actually attended less CBAs than he would when fully fit and even started on the bench for the Hawks. Titch did nothing to suggest he’s past his beastly fantasy best. 
  3. Callum Mills – defender eligible and the midfield role is there. However, a sloppy contested game did suit his style of play.
  4. Sam Walsh – had five or fewer CBAs in 14 games last season. That won’t happen in 2021. If you don’t have him in Classic, get on board now!
  5. Dom Sheed – big attendance numbers without Shuey and Yeo – will be an early high-scoring POD.

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Dom SheedWCC138862396
Lloyd MeekFRR26932296
Brodie GrundyCWR85842095
Tim KellyWCC111822292
Jarrod WittsGCR83802292
Clayton OliverMEC107882191
Sam DraperESR78842790
Jack SteeleSKC78872489
Reilly O'BrienADR51902787
Jy SimpkinNMC65822687
Marc PittonetCAR66872687
Max GawnMER73922087
Tom HickeySYR92823186
Nic NaitanuiWCR57662083
Todd GoldsteinNMR90962583
Jack MacraeWBC135781781
Luke ParkerSYC97742981
Stefan MartinWBR68841781
Lachie NealeBLC68842981
Zach MerrettESC111742480
Oscar McInerneyBLR76802878
Dylan ShielESC79812377
Patrick CrippsCAC87912377
Scott LycettPAR88842377
Tom MitchellHWC106832377
Rory LairdADB,C119782477
Toby NankervisRIR55752377
Jaeger O'MearaHWC88882377
Taylor AdamsCWC68811676
Rory SloaneADC85802374
Patrick DangerfieldGEC,F96842374
Matt FlynnGWSR99682074
Rhys StanleyGER65722271
Marcus BontempelliWBC101831571
Joel SelwoodGEC73712271
Tom LiberatoreWBC103801571
Dion PrestiaRIC87742170
Liam ShielsHWC70812170
Christian PetraccaMEC90901670
Stephen ConiglioGWSC85861970
Sam WalshCAC95822170
Ollie WinesPAC91762170
Hunter ClarkSKB91781970
Ed CurnowCAC99752170
Luke Davies-UniackeNMC82792170
Cameron GuthrieGEC82712168
Ben KeaysADC91872168
Josh DunkleyWBC,F107831467
Willem DrewPAC80742067
Touk MillerGCC68831667
Adam CerraFRC102781565
Dustin MartinRIC,F131891963
Ben McEvoyHWB,R88811963
Brayden SierCWC35601362
Scott PendleburyCWC93771362
Caleb SerongFRC85731461
Callum MillsSYB121842261
Jarryd LyonsBLC95802261
Jacob HopperGWSC84831659
Josh P. KennedySYC59722158
Hugh GreenwoodGCC53771458
Nat FyfeFRC88891357
David MundyFRC72771357
Andrew BrayshawFRC105791357
Shane EdwardsRIC84811757
Noah AndersonGCC66751354
Shai BoltonRIC,F77791653
Jye CaldwellESC,F104741653
Callan WardGWSC85791452
Paul HunterSKR44711452
Travis BoakPAC109711550
Jade GreshamSKC95671348
Shaun McKernanSKF32721348
Andrew McGrathESC141811447
Jack ReddenWCC81851146
Sam BerryADC50801445
Jarrod BerryBLC60781644
Jack BytelSKC79781244
James WorpelHWC67731343
James JordonMEC80731043
James RowbottomSYC89621542
Paddy DowCAC,F64691240
Robbie GrayPAF65741240
Shaun HigginsGEC67801239
James HarmesMEB8676939
Jordan De GoeyCWF6187838
Jack CrispCWB9190838
Will BrodieGCC,F5064938
Xavier O'NeillWCC,F6072938
Lachie WellerGCC8686938
Dom TysonNMC58611137
Jonathon CeglarHWR81761137
Josh KellyGWSC91821037
Tim TarantoGWSC103891037
Darcy ParishESC81821137
Tom GreenGWSC49681037
Jack GrahamRIC115761137
Zac BaileyBLC,F58761336
Jaidyn StephensonNMF128761033
Tarryn ThomasNMF70701033
Sebastian RossSKC8179830
Karl AmonPAC7478930
Brandan ParfittGEC10172929
David SwallowGCC10776729
Dayne ZorkoBLC,F95821028
Tom PowellNMC6874827
Mark BlicavsGEB,C7388826
Charlie CameronBLF3977925
Oliver FlorentSYC6179925
Tom RockliffPAC2736723
Harry SchoenbergADF6578723
Peter LadhamsPAR,F6183723
Zac FisherCAF6579723
Noah BaltaRIB4984723
Chad WarnerSYF5776822
Lachlan KeeffeGWSB6086622
Andrew GaffWCC7090521
Luke BreustHWF7283620
Zak ButtersPAF7982620
Jack RossRIC4523620
Will SetterfieldCAC7375620
Tim EnglishWBR8281419
Jamie ElliottCWC,F5882419
Tom SparrowMEC5965417
Alex Neal-BullenMEF5574417
Kysaiah PickettMEF5574417
Nathan VardyWCR2452417
Matt RowellGCC1615417
Nick LarkeyNMF2475517
Tom FullartonBLR,F2174514
Lincoln McCarthyBLF7282514
Sam ReidSYF5584514
Luke JacksonMEF5274313
Levi CasboultCAF3885413
Billy FramptonADF8390413
Bailey ScottNMC,F9383413
Nick BlakeySYC,F7387411
Jack SinclairSKC5983311
Mitch RobinsonBLC5573411
Peter WrightESF6188310
Adam TreloarWBC5977210
Charlie ConstableGEC2513310
Sam DayGCF298628
Liam DugganWCB748828
Joe DaniherBLF459138
Dylan MooreHWF869227
Tom PhillipsHWC,F878227
Matt de BoerGWSC547927
Jack HigginsSKF688127
Isaac SmithGEC,F968926
Paul SeedsmanADC808126
Mason CoxCWF778015
Josh DaicosCWC197815
Nathan JonesMEC,F587214
Connor BlakelyFRC516514
Jack BuckleyGWSB,C447714
Matt TabernerFRF6710014
Ned McHenryADF548713
Devon SmithESC647713
Josh JenkinsGER,F357213
Sam MenegolaGEC667313
Kyle LangfordESC,F768513
Lachlan ShollADB,C1029513

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