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The Breakout Tracker Returns For 2024 – AFL Fantasy

See which early career players are trending ahead of the best AFL Fantasy players in the competition using The Breakout Tracker.


Breakout Tracker



NameClubPosGames100s%100sCar. Avg.T10Diff
Harry SheezelNMB231147.897.371.1+26.2
Nick DaicosCWB,C472348.997.474.1+23.3
James TreziseRIB1007757.8+19.2
Hayden YoungFRB571119.382.373.1+9.2
Alex WitherdenWCB992525.383.175.7+7.4
Nasiah Wanganeen-MileraSKB4010258073.3+6.7
Tom BrownRIB1006257.8+4.2
Isaac CummingGWSB,C751317.376.374.5+1.8
Jordan RidleyESB851112.975.675+0.6
Heath ChapmanFRB2613.86668.6-2.6


NameClubPosGames100s%100sCar. Avg.T20Diff
Nick DaicosCWB,C472348.997.475.6+21.8
Will AshcroftBLC18422.282.967.2+15.7
Sam WalshCAC994343.496.683.2+13.4
Errol GuldenSYC672334.390.378.1+12.2
Jai NewcombeHWC50142886.576.3+10.2
Josh KellyGWSC993434.392.183.2+8.9
Nic MartinESC44112582.674.3+8.3
Caleb SerongFRC8032408981.1+7.9
Tom GreenGWSC672537.385.778.1+7.6
Elijah TsatasESC,F40064.356.9+7.4


NameClubPosGames100s%100sCar. Avg.T5Diff
Kieren BriggsGWSR26623.180.369.6+10.7
Kieran StrachanADR50062.259.3+2.9
Braydon PreussGWSR2872569.269.4-0.2
Jordon SweetPAR110061.161.6-0.5
Matt FlynnWCR33412.170.571.5-1
Ned MoyleGCR2005455.6-1.6
Toby ConwayGER1004849.8-1.8
Sean DarcyFRR982323.580.883-2.2
Darcy CameronCWR721216.772.878.9-6.1
Peter LadhamsSYR52713.567.876.6-8.8


NameClubPosGames100s%100sCar. Avg.T10Diff
Tom EmmettFRF20071.555.6+15.9
Elijah TsatasESC,F40064.356.9+7.4
Dylan MooreHWF751722.780.579.2+1.3
Jack HayesSKF6116.75858.7-0.7
Mitch OwensSKF3031068.870.6-1.8
Tyler SonsieRIF100055.659.8-4.2
Jai CulleyWCC,F90052.858.8-6
Jye CaldwellESC,F55610.970.377.2-6.9
Josh RacheleADF34514.764.371.3-7
Connor MacdonaldHWF4012.563.873.1-9.3

View the Breakout Tracker data and chart for every player in the competition by becoming a member.

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For those who haven’t heard of the Breakout Tracker before, we calculate the career average for every player who has played under 100 games. We then work out the combined career average of the top AFL Fantasy players in the competition at the same time in their careers. We then compare those figures and give you a differential.

You can use this information to see how players compare to the best in the league. This will give you an idea of their breakout likelihood, or if they’re trending towards being one of the top AFL Fantasy performers in the competition.

To explain the data above, let’s take Josh Ward for example. Ward has played a total of 30 games for a career average of 74.4. The top 20 midfielders in the competition had a combined average of 70.6 after their first 30 games, giving him a +2.8 point differential. This indicates he is trending towards being one of the top AFL Fantasy performers in the competition.

Members of The Keeper League podcast receive data for every player in the competition separated by position. They also receive a chart that allows you to compare players and positions visually as demonstrated above.

This data will be updated after every round of the 2024 AFL season.

Members can view ‘The Breakout Tracker’ here.

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