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CBA Analysis – Round 22

CBAs – Centre Bounce Attendances – is a statistic that measures the number of times a player is present at a centre bounce at the beginning of a quarter or following a goal. A player that has a high attendance rate at CBAs is around the footy more and (in some cases) in a more fantasy-friendly midfield role. 

Analyze the CBAs from round 22 in our user-friendly table below – featuring advanced analytic tools to better measure the biggest changes to CBA numbers, both long term and week-to-week, and check out my risers and fallers to monitor in AFL Fantasy below.


Zac Fisher (14 CBAs, 47% attendance) | 80 AFL Fantasy points
Zac Fisher was in amongst Carlton’s midfield make-up on Saturday, recording 14 CBAs in their loss to Port Adelaide. This was a season-high attendance rate, appearing at 47% of Carlton’s centre bounces for the match (his previous best CBA percentage was 44% in Round 18). Patrick Cripps was a notable absentee from Carlton’s side on the weekend, but I still think there is room for Fisher in the midfield going forward. I said on the podcast this week it’s hard to tell what Fisher is capable of, given he’s missed so much footy in the past two years. He’ll retain forward status in 2022 and if he can become a more permanent fixture in Carlton’s midfield, he could be a handy option.

Tanner Bruhn (15 CBAs, 54% attendance) | 43 AFL Fantasy points
Bruhn was injected into GWS’ midfield in Round 22. Whilst he didn’t set the world on fire with his fantasy scoring, we saw an increase of 30% to his CBA numbers from the previous week and a 45% increase on his season average. This game gave us a glimpse of GWS’ future plans for Bruhn which looks to be in the midfield. Whilst his place in the side may look a bit shaky, he did some nice things over the weekend in a big win for the Giants. It must be noted that Toby Greene, Tom Green and Brent Daniels were missing for this match and these guys do play roles in the GWS midfield. Green and Greene should return this week, which may make things difficult for Bruhn in the short term, but this game tells me he might have a future in GWS’ midfield which could lead to some decent fantasy scoring.

Sam Switkowski (13 CBAs, 52% attendance) | 34 AFL Fantasy points
With Andrew Brayshaw and Nat Fyfe both out for Fremantle in the derby, someone had to step into the Fremantle midfield, and that man was Sam Switkowski. He was another player that didn’t score well despite receiving a CBA bump but showed positive signs. Traditionally a small forward, Switkowski was used in the midfield attending 52% of the centre bounces for Fremantle, despite not attending a centre bounce since Round 3. Does this mean there are future plans for Switkowski as a midfielder? It’s too early to tell, but given that he’s listed as a forward he’s now on my radar for 2022.


Andrew McGrath (2 CBAs; -41% CBA% avg.) | 53 AFL Fantasy points
McGrath returned for Essendon in Round 22, after not playing a game since Round 12 due to injury. Whilst I’m not too concerned about his fantasy scoring, as many players have been slow after injury this season, I’m more so concerned about his role. He played on a wing in his return against Gold Coast, which apparently was the plan for the game. But when questioned about it in an interview, he said he wasn’t sure what his role would be going forward. Since he got injured earlier in the year, Darcy Parish has established himself in the midfield as a key ball winner for Essendon. However, I do think there’s a place for Andrew McGrath in the midfield going forward, so I wouldn’t get too worried just yet, but there are some concerns after this game.

Finlay Macrae (10 CBAs; -38% CBA diff.) | 54 AFL Fantasy points
Over the previous three weeks, Finlay Macrae was averaging an attendance rate of 62% at Collingwood’s centre bounces. On Saturday, he only attended 10 CBAs for the entire game, which was a -38% drop on the previous week and a -48% decline on his three round average. Adversely, Jamie Elliott saw a 36% bump on his CBA numbers which seemed to affect Macrae’s output. This points to Collingwood opting to use a senior body in Elliott in Macrae’s place to counter the experienced Brisbane midfield after suffering an embarassing loss to Hawthorn the week prior. This isn’t an uncommon thing to happen to young midfielders in the early stages of their careers, but Finlay will need to hold on to his CBA numbers in future if he wants to match the fantasy output of his brother Jack.


Last Round vs Previous Round


Patrick DangerfieldGEC,F121762175281967
Zac FisherCAF80781447291238
Jamie ElliottCWC,F88811442261236
Peter LadhamsPAR,F1107717574221335
Zak ButtersPAF,C917993000930
Tanner BruhnGWSC43651554624930
Jack GrahamRIC,F7582217511461029
Lachie AshGWSB,C69881761936825
Kane LambertRIF587593228724
Zac BaileyBLC,F10183103027823
Tom MitchellHWC1058515831961-422
Ben McEvoyHWB,R7385739619120
Sam WalshCAC11087237713571020
Chad WingardHWF,C957712671548-319
Liam ShielsHWC8275844826018
David MundyFRC977320801862218
Harry SchoenbergADF,C55621657739918
Matthew KennedyCAC,F1317220671252815
Matt RowellGCC377714671252215
Josh WalkerNM758641500415
James JordonMEC677341400414
Chris BurgessGCB,R247931400314
Esava RatugoleaGER,F157262128413
George HewettSYB,C918315561243313
Tom LiberatoreWBC1117714782065-613
Angus BrayshawMEC237631100311
Caleb DanielWBB968121100211
Todd GoldsteinNMR918122811771510
Luke ParkerSYC1167718671657210
Brandan ParfittGEC,F417114501040410
Luke JacksonMEF,R846993252349
Robbie GrayPAF837862021149
Darcy ParishESC1118018862477-69
Brodie GrundyCWR72832782237448
Taylor AdamsCWC79772782237448
Touk MillerGCC82791990198307
Callan WardGWSC92852071166447
Bailey SmithWBC67847391032-37
Tom FullartonBLR,F397972141437
Alex Neal-BullenMEF5574270027
Shane EdwardsRIC39823111427
Jack ReddenWCC11590124894137
Sean DarcyFRR,F1018318721966-16
Marcus BontempelliWBC998212671961-76
Willem DrewPAC637122731267106
Rory SloaneADC1208525891583106
Ben AinsworthGCF5980150015
Caleb SerongFRC1178121842379-25
Isaac HeeneySYF738051941415
Errol GuldenSYC,F517551941415
Ryan ByrnesSKC,F5366140014
Peter WrightESF,R51792102604
Jack SteeleSKC103792486238214
Ben KeaysADC114812382147894
Nick LarkeyNMF4081140014
Jack CrispCWB,C106891236103224
Zac SmithGCR307618861983-13
Brayden MaynardCWB8383130013
Sebastian RossSKC6188271413
Tom HickeySYR90842489248603
Clayton OliverMEC102882589198663
James HarmesMEB,C70751761135942
Connor RozeePAF868741321122
Nathan VardyWCR274741631412
Max HolmesGEC,F626041431212
Jake StringerESF,C988518862684-82
Josh P. KennedySYC87771763176102
Riley ThilthorpeADR,F6481271611
Toby NankervisRIR67791968166731
Darcy MacPhersonGCF7182151401
Tom SparrowMEC,F64691450115030
Callum Coleman-JonesRIR,F68679328331-1
Nic NaitanuiWCR8475218419862-2
Conor NashHWF33799501652-7-2
Tarryn ThomasNMF,C7872145213541-2
James RowbottomSYC6762622725-1-3
Zach MerrettESC858217812684-9-3
Darragh JoyceSKB3076311414-1-3
Sam ReidSYF5178311414-1-3
Paddy DowCAC,F6072175714613-4
Travis BoakPAC11286175711616-4
Luke Davies-UniackeNMC8890186717711-4
Dion PrestiaRIC8186217519792-4
Sam DraperESR567919902994-10-4
Rowan MarshallSKR,F528823822486-1-4
Noah AndersonGCC80848381043-2-5
Rhys StanleyGER10882227921841-5
Kysaiah PickettMEF71861429-1-5
Jy SimpkinNMC4984207419791-5
Andrew GaffWCC1269328314-1-6
Joel SelwoodGEC9980238222881-6
Oliver FlorentSYC7283415621-2-6
Jarryd LyonsBLC13980237022761-6
Lloyd MeekFRR35707281034-3-6
Steele SidebottomCWC,F848315451652-1-7
Luke DunstanSKC677421752382-2-7
Jordan De GoeyCWF,C988320612168-1-7
Oscar McInerneyBLR9177267925861-7
Darcy CameronCWF7988618826-2-8
Adam TreloarWBC5673211619-4-8
Max GawnMER9778196817772-9
Brayden FioriniGCC104739431252-3-9
Jack MacraeWBC1288212672477-12-10
Karl AmonPAC1068712409503-10
Hugh McCluggageBLC11681618828-2-10
Brad CrouchSKC1048312431554-3-11
Jed AndersonNMC647815561667-1-11
Trent CotchinRIC10271196819790-11
Cameron GuthrieGEC1317919682080-1-12
Tom De KoningCAR,F7885258322963-13
David SwallowGCC958511521565-4-13
Tom PapleySYF509311411554-4-13
Ed CurnowCAC7884517730-2-13
Zach SprouleGWSF5866518832-3-14
Jaidyn StephensonNMF,C7876311625-3-14
Tim EnglishWBR,F688512672581-13-14
Zak JonesSKC857715541968-4-14
Adam CerraFRC827917682483-7-15
Elliot YeoWCC887920802195-1-15
Ollie WinesPAC11973206715835-16
Josh DunkleyWBC,F51865281445-9-17
Dylan ShielESC65848381755-9-17
Dayne ZorkoBLC,F1228616481966-3-18
Jonathon CeglarHWR,F977911612581-14-20
Shaun HigginsGEC,F1127814624-5-20
Dom SheedWCC578511441464-3-20
Christian PetraccaMEC1178418641986-1-22
Shai BoltonRIC,F678011391563-4-24
Jarrod BerryBLC566517522379-6-27
Rory LairdADB,C101762071181002-29
Finlay MacraeCWC,F546110302168-11-38
Scott LycettPAR594911371478-3-41
Tim KellyWCC283911441986-8-42
Jacob HopperGWSC96761657
Luke ShueyWCC112731976
Jai NewcombeHWC111791056
Kieran StrachanADR,F73882693
Dan HanneberySKC5459932
Will PhillipsNMC,F51641141
Lewis YoungWBB5889633
Marc MurphyCAC,F92851137
Andrew McGrathESC5374210
Bailey BanfieldFRF6978416
Shane MumfordGWSR62762382
Sam SwitkowskiFRF34811352
Oscar ClavarinoSKB-21027
Mark O'ConnorGEB,C598327
Lachie NealeBLC120862782
Josh KellyGWSC,F141821657
Todd MarshallPAF568327
Levi CasboultCAF8081517


AF – AFL Fantasy points scored last round
TOG% – Percentage of Time On Ground last round
CBA – Centre Bounce Attendances
CBA% – Centre Bounce Attendance Percentage
PRCBA – Previous Round Centre Bounce Attendances
PRCBA% – Previous Round Centre Bounce Attendance Percentage
CBADif – CBA Differential of Last Round vs Previous Round
CBA%Dif – CBA% Differential of Last Round vs Previous Round

Advanced CBA Stats

Lachie AshGWSB,C61255.432.355.626.9
Jack GrahamRIC,F752925.142.349.917.2
George HewettSYB,C56136.64249.435.4
Sam SwitkowskiFRF525.45246.646.6
Tanner BruhnGWSC5430928.34519.3
Tom PapleySYF41-135.431.735.626.2
Marc MurphyCAC,F372.618.534.415.9
Rowan MarshallSKR,F82-448.28333.834.8
Zac FisherCAF473818.13028.911.9
Kane LambertRIF32248.423.723.615.3


LR% – Percentage of CBAs last round
LR%vsPR% – Percentage of CBAs last round versus percentage of CBAs previous round
Avg% – Average of CBA percentage
L3Avg% – Average of CBA percentage over the past three rounds
LR%vsAvg% – Last round CBA percentage vs average CBA percentage
L3R%vsAvg% – Last three rounds average of CBA percentage vs average CBA percentage

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